Things to Add in Your Daily Construction Report

For anyone working on a construction project, it is very important to have someone making a daily report for everything that happens on the jobsite. Without proper records, it is impossible to keep track of everything that is happening on the worksite. If you do not have proper records of who was responsible for what on the jobsite, you will not know who to hold accountable if something goes wrong. That is why it is important to have a daily construction report, so you have it on record what everyone’s job was on each day.

How to Make a Daily Construction Report

If you are wondering what exactly you need to add in your daily construction report, here we have compiled a list of all the things that you need to remember to include in your daily report.

Information About the Project with Time Stamps

When creating a report, you must remember that it needs to be organized so you can easily refer to it whenever necessary. This means that you need to make sure that you are consistent with your entries. Make sure that the details about the project information are easily decipherable and stored with dates so they can be found easily.

In construction projects, there are a lot of contractors and subcontractors involved, so you need to include all the basic information about the contractors along with the project as well. If the reports are not maintained properly, it will be extremely difficult to find a report that is weeks or months old. Be consistent and organized with all the entries of your projects so you will not have to waste time when you need to find one specific report later on.

Weather Report

It is important to include a weather report in the daily construction report as weather can significantly impact construction work. Therefore, be sure to document any changes in the weather so you will have records of which days or weeks that work was affected by the conditions. When employees are working in rain, snow, or harsh sunlight, it would affect their productivity and could be dangerous as well. Having it on record that the weather conditions made stepping back necessary can help validate the claims later on if the project is delayed.

Activity Logs

On a construction project site, there are a lot of people present that have different reasons for being there. It is essential that you have records of everyone present on the site and can track what purpose each one of them had for being there. Activity logs should include everything such as the teams that were working on the site that day, the number of workers that were present, and how long they worked. Having this data will be helpful for when you need to break it down to track how many hours and workers were needed for that particular project. If there are any construction equipment parts and attachments needed for the job, make notes of that as well so the necessary authority can be notified of it as well. And once that is done that should also be mentioned in the activity logs so it’s included in the records.

Notes and Concerns

For anything else about the project that you have noticed on the site, like if something is behind schedule or if you have any safety concerns, make notes to explain the situation and propose solutions for any delays. Any observations you have during your daily surveys, note them down. It can include anything, for instance if you are working with CAT Heavy Equipment and notice a difference in performance compared to other equipment you used previously, you can include that in the report. You can also go ahead and add the exact machine you are using in the report, such as if you are working with a Caterpillar 140M2 and notice a positive change in the result, take notes of that. The reports you make should be easy to follow through and reading them should provide all the information that is needed. Ensure that there is enough information that there will not be any need for any follow up questions after reading the report.