Getting More Production Out of Dozers

  • Editorial Team
  • Crawler Dozer
  • 25 March 2022

When you start working with a dozer, you will need to get a feel for how the machine runs and see what the engine sounds like while it is running smoothly. When you know what it looks and feels like in its optimal condition, you will have an easier time running it smoothly and efficiently yourself and will be better able to properly maintain it for eventually placing your D8R dozer for sale or whatever other dozer you might own which needs replacement and achieving maximum value. For someone who is new to operating a dozer, it is natural to focus more on running the dozer smoothly. However, you will eventually need to make sure that you get the maximum production out of your dozer.

The following are a few different ways for you to maximize the production you get out of your dozers.

Doze From the Front to Back

Dozing from the front and working your way backward will not only help increase productivity but will also decrease wear on the undercarriage. This works because you will not be operating the dozer in reverse as much. This will slow down the wear on the tracks.

Production Blades

Using a production blade like a spade blade or a CAT Super U will help in increasing the productivity of your dozer. You will see an increase in production of over twenty percent as compared to the standard U blades. This increased production can really come in handy, especially on larger and more time-consuming jobs.

Working in the Slot

You can increase the blade load up to thirty percent when you work in the slot. By working in the slot and dozing front to back, you can also prevent dirt and material from falling from the blade. This is yet another way to greatly enhance the production of the dozer.

Track Tension

Make sure to check the track tension because if the track chains are too tight, they are damaged much more quickly. See the appropriate tension in the operator’s manual for your dozer. While you do not need to check the track chain tension regularly, you should adjust them whenever there is a change in weather conditions. Changes in the environmental conditions can result in mud and debris getting packed in the sprockets. You can reduce undercarriage wear by fifty percent by simply maintaining proper track tension.

3D Design Optimization

Optimize your design in 3D for push productivity. You will see an improvement in productivity. This improvement is typically about fifteen percent in production dozing.


Make use of the GPS system that shows the operator the push direction vectors.  This can cut rehandle time in half. It also allows new operators to learn how to use the dozer more quickly and efficiently.

Short Cuts

A lot of dozer operators assume that longer cuts are good; however, that is not the case. There is only so much dirt that a dozer blade can hold, and once it is full, the excess dirt will fall to the sides. You will need to go back and move it all over again.