How to Deal with the Labor Shortage in the Construction Industry

You are not alone in your struggle to find qualified skilled workers for your project. The construction industry has been dealing with a labor shortage issue for over a decade now. The Covid-19 pandemic only exacerbated the issue even more. With construction workers already being under so much pressure, the pandemic did them no favors. They were already stretched thin due to being understaffed, and the addition of covid protocols only added more responsibilities to their plates.

According to several surveys, most construction firms are struggling to find skilled workers to fill both salaried and hourly positions. Unfortunately, the labor shortage issues are only expected to get worse going forward. With an overstretched skilled workforce, project delays are common. A lot of contractors and construction companies are not able to accept any projects because they just do not have the required workforce. To properly deal with the labor shortage, you first need to understand what the reasons are behind it to better devise a strategy.

Biggest Problem Faced by Builders

It is safe to say that the shortage of labor is one of the biggest problems that builders are facing today. This problem also does not seem to be going anywhere because there are very few people working in the industry with the kind of experience required for most projects. Construction did not fare well during the Great Recession of 2008, and although the industry recovered after that, the workers that quit did not return. A lot of skilled workers are also reaching their age of retirement, and there are not many young skilled workers who are ready to replace them. Young workers mostly opt for other industries like healthcare and technology over construction. 

The pandemic has had an impact on a lot of different aspects of construction. Increased concerns regarding employee health and new safety protocols can easily be seen.  These new concerns and protocols have also had an effect on the supply chain. 

The demand for new construction projects is also on the rise, and while the job market is recovering, it is still not easy to find qualified workers to fill those positions. It is expected that building and construction activity will continue to increase. If contractors want to make the best of this upsurge, they will need to find ways to adapt to the skilled labor shortage. 

Cutting Edge Tech

It is no secret that technology in the construction industry has managed to do what many did not think was possible. Technology is the best way to deal with these kinds of issues. With the help of technology, you will be able to make the most of your current workforce. Using construction software and automated drones can help improve efficiency at your worksites. 

Using Technology to Overcome the Skilled Labor Shortage

With the help of construction software, you can make quite a difference on a worksite. You can improve efficiency despite a reduced workforce if utilized properly. The following are a few different ways that construction software and drones can help you overcome the skilled labor shortage in the industry.


Construction software can really improve communication between workers. They will not have to spend as much time waiting for updates regarding the project, such as the quantity of material or the result of surveys. With construction workers having access to the right software, they will be able to solve problems on their own, as quickly as they happen, instead of having to wait for someone else to take over.

Reducing Error and Downtime

Another benefit of using construction software when you are working on a project is that it can help eliminate misallocation and reduce unnecessary downtime. With the help of the right construction software, your team will not have to spend their time waiting for equipment. They will not need to wait for other teams to get work done before they start working.


Modern construction involves a lot of different technologies, such as 3D and drones, which help in improving accuracy when working on a project. Using drones for your project can help you reach an accuracy that is on par with that of a base or a rover. Anyone that has acquired a drone license may use one to conduct a survey whenever necessary and provide their team with updates. With your construction team getting accurate pictures of the worksite, CAT heavy equipment as well as up-to-date and accurate information, they will be able to complete the project much more efficiently.


If you are using drones on your worksite, you will not have to send any of your workers out in the field to gather data. It is no secret that a lot of construction workers get injured navigating dangerous terrain and equipment. Having a drone on site will help you protect your workers by keep them safe from unnecessary trouble.