Managing Change in Construction Projects

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  • 17 May 2022

Working on a construction project requires you to be an expert in change management. All the stakeholders need to make sure that they do not let change stunt the progress of the project. With all the stakeholders playing their parts, you will have an easier time meeting your project goals. In order to manage change effectively, you need to have clear communication. You will be relying heavily on interpersonal communication as well as effective communication processes for a smooth-running project.

Communication is Key

To avoid misunderstandings, you need to set a culture of open collaboration. If stakeholders feel like they cannot raise problems regarding ownership issues freely with each other, it would not do any good to have modern communication software. You will see that having good interpersonal communication skills makes it easier for people to feel comfortable raising performance related issues with partners. If you want to improve communication between crew members, you need to help your team improve their communication skills.

Communication Process

After working on the communication skills of your team members, the next thing you need to look at is the communication processes. Examine your team’s communication process and see where change management does not seem to work. What happens is that sometimes one part of the communication process works well, but other parts do not.

It is important to have all the stakeholders on the same page when you are dealing with matters like schedule changes or budget overruns. Other communication procedures that you should look at are your approval procedures. Sometimes it is unclear who has the authority to approve on matters which results in disputes and issues down the line.

How Technology Can Help

You can always find a tech provider who offers communication features which will make your communication process much smoother. There are a lot of communication tools and dashboards available with customizable tracking and approval options. You can also find construction software with reporting and reminder tools that will make it easy for team members to follow the schedule. With the help of these tools, everyone involved in the project gets access to the same information at the same time so there is no confusion and all problems can be resolved by the team.

In these construction software programs, there are options like graphics, photos, and videos which make it much easier to convey information through visuals. Visuals can really help in creative work and improving the productivity of the project as well. The construction software that you choose should make it easier for you to incorporate visuals in your project management and business process.

With the help of graphics, you can simply take a picture and hit send to get your point across. You can simply record a video to show your clients that production was slow because the machine had a giant boulder in its path. If there are any other issues at the worksite, providing visuals will make it a lot easier to share them with people in management.

Changes in Project Drawings

If there are changes made in the project drawings, they are going to impact how the project unfolds. The team will need to keep up with all the changes that were made in the project drawings. Whenever there are changes made to the drawings, the team should get access to them immediately and simultaneously so they are always aware of the revisions that were made.

Improving Visibility and Streamlining Workflows

In a construction project, every little change impacts several different parties that are involved in the project. If the change process is unnecessarily difficult, there will be a lot of re-work involved. From the first instant that a change in the project is required, you should have a process that takes you through it quickly.

You will need a software that will allow you to streamline workflows with correct approvals and in the right order. If your project requires a grader, you should have the approval to start looking for used CAT motor graders for sale as soon as possible. Delays in approval and miscommunication eventually lead to the entire project getting dragged unnecessarily. The project management software that you choose should highlight responsibilities clearly and provide comprehensive risk management and project safety measures.