Problems to Consider Before Designing a Foundation

The foundation provides the base of any construction project. It is vitally important that it is strong for the long-term stability of the entire structure. Before you start designing a foundation for your construction project, there are a few practical things that you need to consider if you want to avoid any problems in the future.

Ground Conditions

As a designer, you need to be cautious that you do not base your design on assumptions. Ground conditions often vary and the foundation design should take them into consideration. Without proper soil analysis, the applicability of the design will always be in question. It is important to take the practicality of construction into consideration when you are designing the foundation.

Reliable Soil Investigation

It is important to conduct a soil investigation before you can start designing the foundation. This soil investigation needs to be reliable, so make sure that you critically assess the reliability of the ground investigation. Things like the strength of the surface soil should be taken into consideration when you are designing the foundation.

The Effect of Construction

Another thing that you need to consider when you are designing the foundation is the effect that construction will have on ground properties. See what kind of impact different construction activities like excavation and compaction will have on the ground. You should know that if you try to excavate on seriously waterlogged grounds, it will be a painstakingly slow process that will also be quite expensive for you.

Building on Adjoining Structures

If you are building a new foundation on top of an already existing adjoining structure, you need to be aware of the effect it will have on it. Make sure that when you are designing the foundation you take into account how the construction will impact any pre-existing adjoining structures. You also need to prepare for the impact that changes in the local environment may have on the completed foundation.

Avoid Complex Detailing

In the initial foundation design, you should avoid using any expensive and complex shuttering details. If you are working with stiffened rafts, it is even more impractical. Instead, the foundation design should be one that is buildable.

Construction Costs and Techniques

In the construction industry, there are always changes, whether it is in the costs of filing or new advancements made in soil mechanics. Make sure to review construction costs and techniques before you start designing the foundation. The standards that you remember may very well be out of date now, and the economics of design could have changed entirely.


When designing a foundation before starting the construction of any infrastructure, you must keep some common issues in mind. Avoiding these concerns may push you into project failure even before you begin actual work. Before starting work on the site, closely observe and evaluate the ground and soil condition. Ground conditions are just as important for a project as the CAT heavy equipment that you use for its construction. When designing the foundation, avoiding complex detailing may save your structure.

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