Increase Your Profits with Presale Preparation

When you are trying to sell your equipment, you need to do everything you can to get the best return possible. Today, most of the equipment purchase process happens online, so you need good presale preparation more than ever before. It is important that the buyers have enough information about the machine so that they are confident about making the purchase. Focusing on the buyer’s needs will ensure that you get what you want out of the deal. Make sure that your potential clients have the correct information about what you are selling so they can make an informed decision.

Prepare Your Equipment for Sale

Before making a purchase, buyers usually do proper research by browsing online and reviewing different equipment and machinery. When they are interested in a piece of equipment, there are a few things that they want to see immediately such as detailed pictures of the equipment’s interior and exterior and all of its major components. These pictures allow them to see if there are any potential issues or signs of wear and tear on any major components of the equipment. Before you try to sell your 966H cat wheel loader make sure that prepare it for the sale.

Maintenance Logs

Before making a decision about whether they want to invest in a piece of equipment, buyers want to see its repair records and maintenance logs. It assures them that the previous owners were careful with the equipment and had it serviced at regular intervals.

Videos / Media

If buyers can see a video of the machine operating and other media with a clear view of all the major components of the machine, it helps them make a decision. 

Proof of Ownership

If you have a clear title and proof of ownership of the equipment, it makes buyers feel more confident about their decision to purchase.

Clean the Equipment

Before you take pictures, make sure to clean the equipment’s undercarriage, cab, tires, and tracks. Also, ensure that its VIN tag is attached and legible.

Fluid Levels

Check the fluids of the equipment to see that they are all at appropriate levels. 

Paint Job

Consider getting a fresh paint job and minor repair services done before you try to find a buyer for your equipment. Appearance can have a real impact on the price of equipment, and machines that are the same model and age can fetch totally different prices simply because of the way they look.