Labor Challenges Faced by the Construction Industry

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 25 August 2022

Whether you run a huge construction business or a small one, chances are that you are dealing with the same problems as all the other contractors and businesses in the industry. Most of the construction problems faced by the people working in the industry have to do with a lack of skilled workforce. This has become a huge problem recently as there are not enough workers to fill the growing needs of the industry.

The demand for development of new infrastructure is only increasing every day, but the younger generations are not motivated to pursue vocational trades. Most people are not even aware of the benefits of having a career in construction, and most of the construction workforce is close to retiring. Since this is a problem on the national level, industry experts are trying to tackle it. However, as a small business owner or contractor, there are some things that you can do to deal with this problem on your own. If your business is suffering due to a lack of skilled workforce, you can try to deal with this issue on your own in the following ways.


You can be a mentor to high school students and recent college graduates who are looking for work during the summer. You need to take the initiative and introduce your business and industry to people who may not have thought of a job in the construction industry as a possible future career. You can also mentor your existing workers who have shown an interest in the business side of things. Mentorship is not necessarily limited to people who are new to the industry. If you have a skilled worker who is interested in learning about construction project management or business ownership, you can be a mentor to them as well.

Provide Training to Your Employees

The only way to deal with the labor shortage is by providing proper training to all your workers. Knowing how to operate equipment is the key to maximizing its potential and achieving the desired goal. That is the primary reason why construction companies spend a lot of money on training heavy equipment operators. Even if you find a 14H cat grader for sale without a trained operator it will be useless. So, make sure to provide proper training to all the workers. By doing so, even if you are short-staffed, there will be someone else present on site who knows how to properly operate the equipment. Besides enhancing efficiency, there are countless other advantages as well that highlight the importance of training your heavy equipment operators such as the following.

Trained operators can help you complete your construction project without going over the budget, meaning they can optimize the project costs. Fatal injuries are one of the biggest risks during a construction project, and if you have trained operators, you can create a safer environment for your workers and can avoid any accidents. Having trained operators can enhance the level of trust in your firm and strengthen client relationships. Trained operators can easily meet OSHA requirements or any other dedicated standards that are essential for driving certain types of equipment. With a little bit of time and effort spent on training the equipment operators, you can accomplish your project’s goals effectively.

Staffing Agency

If you need to hire workers immediately, you can use a staffing agency to find skilled labor. There are a lot of construction staffing agencies who have skilled workers ready to work whenever they are needed. Usually, the workers are prescreened by the agencies so you will only get qualified workers for the job. It will also save you the time you would have otherwise spent searching and screening the applicants.