Three of Our Most In-Demand Machines

The demand for heavy equipment has increased globally. The recent market trends suggest that with the commission of new residential and commercial projects, the construction industry will continue to thrive. With the construction and demolition of new buildings and infrastructure, heavy equipment, both new and used, is now in high demand. The government is also funding capital projects, and there is an increase in the construction of high-rise buildings. All of these factors suggest positive outcomes for construction businesses and contractors.

Even if you are not a construction business owner or a contractor, you can still benefit from the recent positive growth of the industry. If you have been thinking about breaking into the industry and getting your career off the ground, now is the perfect time. There are plenty of high-paying jobs available in the construction industry. By getting a little bit of training, you can establish yourself in the industry as an equipment operator or even work your way up to becoming a project manager.

In order to become a heavy equipment operator, you need to get proper training. If you are confused about which equipment you should get training for, perhaps knowing about our most in-demand machines will help you in making that decision. The following are three of our most in-demand machines.

Motor Graders

Motor graders are our most in-demand piece of heavy equipment, and we have sold over 700 units. Used Caterpillar motor graders are always in high demand, and we have sold nine CAT motor graders just this month. If you decide to become a motor grader operator, you will need to get training on how to use a grader to mix, level, grade, and spread materials like gravel, stone, and dirt to prepare for construction.

Wheel Loaders

The high-carrying capacity of wheel loaders make them an essential piece of equipment for construction work. They are always in high demand, and we have sold over 250 used wheel loaders. If you get training to become a wheel loader operator, you will learn how to load and unload materials and haul them around a construction worksite using a loader.

Crawler Dozers

Crawler dozers are extremely popular as they can work even on dense and irregular terrain. Their tracks give the machine great traction, and we have sold more than 130 crawler dozers. You should get proper training if you want to work as a dozer operator.