How to Prep your Equipment for Winter

  • Editorial Team
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  • 20 September 2022

With winter on the horizon, it is time to prepare your equipment for the harsh weather that will soon be upon us. Although it may seem like it, industrial equipment is not indestructible, it requires special care especially in the winter season. Following are a few tips that will help in ensuring that your equipment does not suffer due to the harsh weather this winter.

Viscosity of Oil

One thing that you should never overlook when you are winterizing equipment is the viscosity of the oil being used in the compartments. Make sure to use the right viscosity of oil so it flows properly, even when the weather is cold.

Visual Inspection

When you are winterising your heavy equipment make sure to perform a thorough visual inspection. If your machine has an undercarriage you should check to make sure that it is in good working condition. If the machine in question has tyres make sure that they are inflated properly. Apart from the tyre pressure you also need to look at the hoses and bells of the machine. Whether you are winterizing a 980C wheel loader or a motor grader make sure to perform a thorough visual inspection of all it’s components.

Top up Your Fuel Tank

In winter it is really important that you top up your fuel tank after every shift. If you do not top up your fuel tank regularly in the winter your fuel will start to gel, which would obviously be bad for your machine.

Store Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid Indoors

Diesel exhaust fluids freeze at minus 11 degrees centigrade. In order to avoid that you need to make sure that you store your diesel exhaust fluid indoors. Being more cautious and taking these measures in winter is important if you want to avoid equipment failure.