New Wearable Safety Alert Device for Construction Workers by Tenty

Tenty is a new construction technology company with a focus on finding telematics solutions for construction safety concerns. The company has recently introduced a patent pending telematics safety system which they claim will help in reducing accidents and prevent worker injuries making it much easier for construction firms and businesses to manage their job sites.

According to the company, this system will help in improving productivity and promote safe working practices by connecting the workers with their construction equipment. The system will achieve this with the help of a GPS based technology using inch level positioning. This will provide a high accuracy of worker position which when paired with the multitude of physical and environmental sensors present in the system will allow the new Tenty rover to inform the workers of any incoming used equipment, overhead loads or any other potential dangers. Tenty also warns workers of environmental conditions which also helps in enhancing worker safety. 

How it will Benefit Construction 

According to Gustavo A. Anzola the co-founder and chief revenue officer of the company, it is an easy to install system that can help make construction sites safer. The unique tools it provides for communication with workers helps in improving construction work site productivity. The system will also provide insights regarding site performance and help in ensuring compliance with all state and federal rules and regulations.

The system also allows workers to send a distress signal to the staff within reach which helps in improving site response to emergencies. Tenty also provides the workers with evacuation procedures which also promotes worker safety. Besides the safety system the product is also able to provide the managers with a bird’s eye view in real time of the construction site making it more efficient as they can get alerts regarding traffic from workers. Managers can access all the site data through the tenty dashboard on a local computer, even without an internet connection. 


The new Tenty Rover is lightweight with two buttons, one for confirmation and the other for sending an SOS. With the confirmation button the workers can acknowledge safety briefings. This reduces the extra time that would have otherwise been spent on organizing group meetings and getting everyone’s signature for confirmation. With the SOS button the workers can ask for help in case of an emergency and the managers will be able to locate them immediately and assist them with whatever is going on. The company is piloting the system right now and early adopters are offered financial incentives. It is expected that the Tenty Rover will be in the market by the first half of next year.