What You Should Include in Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

Preventative maintenance is essential for all heavy equipment owners as it allows them to continue working on a project without having to deal with setbacks that are caused by equipment breaking down in the middle of the job.To prevent equipment failure, you need to leverage preventative maintenance so your machine will not breakdown but instead have a longer lifespan. According to the reports of the US Department of Energy, there is a 75% reduction in equipment downtime after proper preventative maintenance. The reports also suggest that, after proper preventative maintenance, the likelihood of a machine breaking down is reduced by 45% and there is a 30% reduction in the energy and maintenance costs associated with the machine. While the maintenance plan for every piece of equipment is unique, there are a few things that are included in most of them.

Oil Changes

No matter what machine you are working with, timely oil changes are an important part of equipment maintenance.All machines require oil changes at different intervals. You can find out about your equipment’soil change requirements from the operator’s manual.

Inspection and Replacement of Parts

Inspecting all parts of the machine while performing preventative maintenance is important.It allows you to see if there are any parts that need a replacement. Replacing parts that are worn out will keep the equipment from breaking down while you are working.

Operator Training

Operator training and education may not be what comes to mind when you think of preventivemaintenance.However, that is in fact what it is. When you train and educate your operators properly, it ensures that they will be able to handle the equipment safely without damaging it.

Clean All Parts of the Equipment

Thorough cleaning of equipment parts should be included in your maintenance plan. This includes the tires, the bucket, the cab, and all other vital parts.You need to make sure that the machine is tidy and clean before starting work. After you are done working with your 140G grader you should alsomake sure to clean all of its parts.


If your equipment needs repairs, you need to get it serviced before starting work. Delaying repairs will only lead to downtime.Make sure to deal with any such concerns during maintenance.


Properlubrication is extremely important.It ensuresthat your equipment can perform tasks smoothly. Your equipment maintenance plan should include lubrication of all the joints of the machine.

Schedule Overhauls

If your equipment is in need ofoverhaul maintenance, you should schedule it during this time.Equipment overhauls can prolong the life of the equipment and are an important part of preventative maintenance. If you want your equipment to return to service in time for the next project,you need to make sure that you schedule any major overhauls early.

Take Notes Post Maintenance

Make sure to take notes post maintenance so you have a proper record of the servicing your machine received. Note any problems that you come across during inspection. Also, make notes of any repairs done or any needing to be done.

Set Up Regular Checkups

You need to set up regular checkup intervals for your equipment. Even if your machine gets proper preventative maintenance, you still need to keep an eye on its engine and parts in between services.Doing so will keep your machine running smoothly for years to come.