Why You Should Automate Your Repair and Maintenance Plan

  • Editorial Team
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  • 5 September 2022

Using technology to modernize repair and maintenance will be beneficial for construction businesses for numerous reasons. It can help in improving the accuracy of the entire maintenance process and minimize human error. The existence of numerous software options has made automation possible. One such example is the use of QR inventory tags. Doing so greatly speeds up the data collection process and allows for real-time analysis.

Using technology for maintenance ensures that you can easily keep track of every piece of machinery or spare part in your inventory even when they are spread out to a lot of different building sites or storage facilities. Implementing diagnostic technology and software to identify trouble spots has also been made possible by automation. Sensors and specialized software are able to detect variations in vibration, heat, sound, or exhaust that may indicate a problem with the machine.

As for exhaust, there are software programs available for fluid analysis that can examine coolants, oil, and gasoline in order to gather a wide range of data regarding the condition of the engine. Your engine life will suffer if there is soot present in the oil. Additionally, automation can also help with the following.

Reducing Documentation and Paperwork

Scheduling inspection and service dates for your equipment’s preventative maintenance is made easier with the use of an automated repair and maintenance program. As mentioned, proactively maintaining the equipment rather than reactively doing so will help to increase its durability. You may be able to minimize or even do away entirely with the requirement for paperwork by using software to manage your maintenance schedule.

This also helps management and supervisors as it lets them quickly and conveniently collect crucial data electronically. It increases productivity and helps ensure that every member of the crew is on the same page as well. Due to automation, all members of the team can find relevant information on cloud-based applications without having to rummage through paper files.

Shortening Idle Time

Every construction business that must deal with downtime suffers significant financial and brand losses. Downtime will be kept to a minimum with an automated preventative maintenance program. With automation, repairs and inspections are scheduled and carried out without human error.

Save Money

As a result of servicing your equipment on a regular basis, its lifespan will be longer. You will not be spending quite as much money replacing or fixing major problems with your used CAT heavy machinery. This money saved on repairs and maintenance can then be used for other important construction activities.

Be Compliant

You should avoid unintentionally breaking rules pertaining to workplace safety by performing routine maintenance and maintaining a perfect record. It is the duty of every construction business owner to ensure that the company equipment is in a condition that would not endanger the workers. A maintenance record can be used as evidence of adherence to these rules, but it can also be helpful for warranty claims, inspections, reselling machinery, and to meet safety accreditation standards.