Top 7 Must-Follow Blogs for the Heavy Equipment Industry

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  • 31 October 2022

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gathering information about a specific industry, product, or niche? If your answer is not blogs, then you are probably doing something wrong. In case you are not already familiar, a blog is an online journal or informational website. It can be personal, informational, or educational and is one of the most commonly used methods on planet Earth to extract information and gain insights into a topic. A person who writes a blog is called a blogger.

The Internet is filled with countless blog posts and articles written on the heavy equipment industry. This abundance of data, sometimes, makes it difficult and confusing to gather quality information that fulfills your needs. To make this process smooth and time efficient for you, we have conducted detailed research and shortlisted 7 blogs for you. These 7 blog sites provide the highest quality content and will essentially cover everything you need to know about the heavy equipment industry. You can start following these blogs or subscribe to their newsletter to get access to recent industry-wide news and new developments.


If you are looking to find content on tech-related developments in the heavy equipment sector, ORBCOMM is the way to go. The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), telematics, remote monitoring, tracking, and management are some of the topics covered by ORBCOMM. The blog is a good way to learn about the future of the industry.

6. For Construction Pros mines the daily news for insights relevant to contractors and enlists industry experts to contribute their best tips. It works as a comprehensive business resource for contractors. If you are looking for business management guidance in the heavy equipment sector, you should definitely visit their blog.

5. Construction Dive

Any list related to the heavy equipment industry would be incomplete without the mention of Construction Dive. This blog takes a holistic approach to covering industry-wide trends. They also provide a great deal of information on new developments in the construction sector.

4. Volvo Construction Equipment

The name Volvo CE is famous in the heavy equipment industry. It is one of the leading manufacturers of construction machinery and heavy equipment. You can find a great deal of equipment-related insights in their blogs. They offer a wide variety of blogs covering various niches. You can check their Heavy Equipment blog, specifically, to find detailed information on the topic.

3. Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers is a Kentucky-based freight and transportation service provider. They specialize in shipping heavy equipment and construction machinery. Their blog provides quality content and detailed information on shipping procedures for heavy equipment. It also ranks amongst the top blogs in the hauling blog segment.

2. Equipment World

The name Equipment World requires no introduction. It ranks amongst the largest information-providing sources in the heavy equipment sector. EW is widely recognized as a leader in the heavy equipment sales and rentals sector. EW delivers high-quality content on a wide range of topics including construction, heavy equipment, business, and many others.

1. MY Equipment

If you are looking for the best quality content in the heavy equipment industry, save yourself some time and just check out the blog by MY Equipment. MY Equipment provides a one-stop solution to all your heavy equipment-related queries. MY Equipment is based in Texas, and they deal in used heavy equipment. They stock the highest quality machinery from the world’s leading brands. They are also famous for providing shipping, dismantling, and inspection services.