What your Construction Website Needs to be Effective

Construction industry continues to grow and improve even faster ever since the industry leaders started adopting technology. It is the perfect time for you to evaluate your own company’s website and compare it to those of your competitors. Your website should reflect your companies aims and objectives clearly. It is possible that you might lose potential clients if they do not see certain specific capabilities listed on your website. 

Appearing in Searches

You should not assume that the buyers are aware of all the key players in the industry. More often than not the person who started the buying process is going to be unaware of your company. Your company winning new projects might be completely dependent on whether or not your website appears in the buyers search engines. If the buyer is unsure of who to include in the process they will do a keyword search, your ability to win new business depends on the keywords that your website includes. 

Recruitment of Employees

Websites also play an important role in recruiting new employees. The newer workforce is younger and more computer savvy, usually they look at a business’s website before deciding if they want to join the company. In order to get the attention of qualified candidates you need to make sure that your website stands out from the other employers. Your construction website should feature the following components.

Project Photos

People who are browsing through your website want to see details, so, including large full color pictures would do more than a thousand words could. You should test the resolution of your pictures before going live. If the resolution is too high it will affect how quickly your website loads and people might end up leaving before seeing your work. That does not mean that the picture resolution should be too low either because if the image is blurry the visitors will not be able to get a good look at your work.

Project Details

While including project photos is important you should still provide some details explaining what the pictures represent. Provide details regarding what your company contributed to this project and what challenges you faced while working on it. You would not purchase used construction machinery after only looking at a few pictures, you will still look at other details before making a decision. Similarly other customers also need more details before purchasing any products or services. 

Optimized for Mobile Phones

Your construction website should be optimized so that people can view it from multiple devices. Make sure that its navigation is simple with larger fonts so customers can easily find the most relevant information.