Building Operation and Maintenance Manual

Upon the completion of a project the client receives the building operation and maintenance manual that was produced and assembled for the building process by the principal contractor. In this manual the contractor provides information regarding the operation, maintenance, decommissioning and eventual demolition of the building or structure in question.

While compiling the building manual the project team, designers and subcontractors need to provide insights and give their input. Usually, the tender document outlines if there are any specific requirements. The document includes details regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the electrical and mechanical components that were installed so the electrical and mechanical contractors contribute significantly to the manual. 

Practical Completion

Usually, the building manual is required for practical completion and makes up a part of the handover documentation. Although sometimes the manual is not complete until after quite some time. If commissioning information is not readily available it can delay the completion of the building manual. 

This can be a problem as for some projects the practical completion is not accepted if the building operation and maintenance manual is not complete. If the practical completion of your project would not be accepted without the building operation maintenance manual, then you need to liaise with the client as early as possible to get the layout, format and the content of the manual sorted. You need to be just as careful when handling documentation as you are when purchasing a Cat 140M motor grader. Saving some bucks on a purchase would not make up for the huge loss you will have to deal with if your documentation is not complete.

Contents of the Manual

The building operation and maintenance manual may include details regarding the building’s construction or installation. The as built drawings, specifications and product data sheets are also often included in the manual. Cleaning and maintenance instructions make up a big chunk of the building manual and include health and safety information of the manufacturers as well. The manual also includes the testing and commissioning certification and the guarantees and warranties provided by the contractors. 

The principal contractor often prepares a hard copy of the building manual that they leave on the premises. The contract documentation or building specification will indicate if there are any additional copies required. Apart from the hard copy an identical electronic version of the manual is also prepared. It is important to keep the building manual up to date, it should include information regarding any future building work or if there are any new installations made.