Why Technology is Important for Engine Filtration

  • Editorial Team
  • Motor Graders
  • 29 December 2022

Heavy equipment owners and fleet managers need to take excellent care of their machinery in order to ensure their longevity. Although you may not be able to completely avoid down time if you are operating your machinery in harsh weather conditions, but with routine maintenance, you can ensure that it always performs optimally. When you are performing your equipment maintenance you will notice that it is quite difficult to figure out exactly what is going on with your machine’s engines and systems. However, modern technology has made it easier to be more efficient,  especially, when it comes to engine filtration. Learn how you can make engine filtration more efficient by incorporating technology through this guide.

The Role Of Technology In Engine Filtration

It is quite common for the engine and hydraulic system of construction equipment to get damaged by the particles of dirt, debris, and metal that pass through the air, fuel, or hydraulic filters of the machine. While sometimes it is enough to change the fluid or filters at pre-set intervals, it is not always enough. If the engine or hydraulic system of your machinery is damaged you may have to deal with unexpected downtime or even equipment failure which can be quite damaging to your project. That is why it is necessary for operators should understand how important engine filtration is.

Modern technology makes it easier to develop more efficient service scheduling. If you integrate advanced sensors and telematics into the filtration and fluid systems of your machine, you will be able to get real time data and will know what the optimal filter replacement time is. The predictive analytics feature also helps in coming up with a better, more informed filter maintenance routine.

Benefits Of Using Technology for Engine Filtration

Monitoring the filtration and fluid condition of your equipment will allow you to learn more about the overall performance of your machine. This way you will always know if there are any issues that you need to resolve right away. Heavy equipment owners and fleet managers benefit greatly from technology that helps them monitor the fluid condition and filtration systems. This way you will be working with data that is based in facts, which will ultimately help improve your equipment’s efficiency and reduce unnecessary downtime.

Armed with technology you will no longer have to wonder whether or not you need to change the fluid or if the fluid condition is indicating whether or not something is wrong with the engine. The sensors of your fleet monitoring software will be able to detect any issues and send you real time updates so you are always aware of what is going on with your equipment. You can resolve any issues that arise immediately before they turn into a major problem costing you thousands of dollars.

Whether you are working with a cat 140M motor grader or an excavator if your equipment is not receiving proper maintenance, its productivity and efficiency will take a hit. Investing in regular maintenance will ensure that your equipment is always in optimal condition. Using advanced telematics to monitor fluid and filtration systems will make the process easier.