John Deere’s 145 X-Tier Electric Excavator

At the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2023, the CEO of John Deere, John May revealed in an address that they will be unveiling 2 new technologies, namely, the 145 X-Tier electric excavator and a high tech planting system. These new technologies are specifically designed to help improve the customer’s experience and ensure more productivity, profitability, and sustainability. 

The company previously stated its goal of introducing over 20 new electric and hybrid electric construction equipment models by the year 2026 and this 145 X – Tier electric excavator is a part of said goal.

It is expected that the electric excavator would not only reduce daily operating costs but also improve reliability. Since the machine will be powered by an immersion cooled Kriesel battery, it is expected to reduce job site noises and exhaust emissions well. Due to fewer moving parts and improved safety, electric excavators are considered more reliable. 

Details about the 145 X – Tier Excavator have not yet been revealed. A lot of people are expecting to see the Deere 145 X – Tier at the CONEXPO 2023 in March.