Maximize Wheel Loader Productivity and Uptime with Regular Maintenance

  • Editorial Team
  • Wheel Loaders
  • 3 January 2023

Machines like wheel loaders are used to carry out heavy duty, strenuous tasks and work with materials that can wear away the steel they are built from. These machines are used to lift and carry huge amounts of loads across rough and uneven terrain for hours resulting in the loader taking quite a pounding. So, in order to extend the machine’s service life, the operator needs to practice proper maintenance. The following are a few things that will help improve the productivity of your loader and maximize the machine’s uptime. 

Pre and Post Operation Checks

It is extremely important to conduct a walk around inspection, both before and after operation on a daily basis. You should make sure that there is nothing wrong with the machine and its fluids and filters before starting work. If you spot any issues deal with them immediately instead of letting them become more serious. You should also look for any chips and cracks in the window, and make sure that the glass is clear and free of dirt. It is important to ensure that the operator’s visibility is not impaired in any way.

During your walk around inspection, you should also look at the machine’s rearview cameras, backup alarms, running lights, and safety belts. Remember that post operation checks are just as important as pre operation inspection rounds. Usually, it is the best time to spot any damage that the machine might have incurred during the shift. 

Make Use of the Technological Advancements Available

Nowadays wheel loaders are more technologically advanced than they were before. During your equipment maintenance process, you need to take advantage of these technological advancements.

You can use modern technology to schedule automated maintenance alerts and get maintenance related details directly. Telematics also make it possible to get machine data directly from the field to your office devices. 

Never Overlook the Basics of Maintenance

Although newer wheel loaders are more technologically advanced you should never forget the basic loader maintenance practices. There should be a routine maintenance schedule in place and it should always be followed. You can also collaborate with the heavy equipment company you are purchasing the loader from to come up with a maintenance routine. There are a lot of dealerships that also offer planned maintenance contracts. 

With proper care and maintenance, your loader will be more productive and you will be able to get your money’s worth. Over the years manufacturers have introduced new features to make wheel loader maintenance easier. Simply by following maintenance best practices equipment operators can now ensure the longevity of their wheel loader.