Upcoming Construction Trade Shows, Events, and Conferences

  • Editorial Team
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  • 30 January 2023

These days the construction industry is facing several different challenges due to the rising costs of fuel, disruptions in the supply chain, and the lack of skilled labor. So, now more than ever before construction business owners need to be able to rely on their peers. If you can get expert advice from industry leaders and expand your network of equipment dealers, contractors, and other industry professionals it would help you in navigating your business during such uncertain economic times. 

But if you are new to the industry you might not know where to start. Here we have compiled a list of upcoming construction industry events and trade shows that are going to be taking place in the upcoming months. Make sure to mark your calendars for these construction trade shows and conferences that will soon be taking place and start planning about which ones you should attend. 

National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) Annual Meeting
February 5-8
Location: Miami
Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition
February 7-9
Location: Orlando, Florida
The ARA Show
February 12 – 15
Location: Orlando, Florida
National Demolition Association (NDA) Annual Convention & Expo
February 22-25
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA) 2023 Winter Convention
March 11-13
Location: Las Vegas
March 14 -18, 2023
Location: Las Vegas

Even if you are new to the industry, you might still have heard about the Con-Expo. It is the largest construction trade show in North America and is held once every 3 years in Las Vegas, so, if you are planning to visit Con Expo – Con/ Agg 2023, it is better to start planning early. You may even want to book your room already, as it is next to impossible to find one on the strip once the Expo is in full swing.