Cat 950 And 962: The Most Advanced Wheel Loaders Yet

  • Editorial Team
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  • 13 March 2023

Caterpillar has released new versions of its 950 and 962 wheel loaders, boasting increased productivity and lower maintenance costs. The machines feature various technologies that make them simple to operate, including Autodig, which automates the bucket loading process to achieve consistent fill factors and faster loading times. Additionally, Cat’s Payload with Assist weighing system and Product Link telematics provide detailed information to help operators work more efficiently.

The loaders come with either conventional or optimized Z-bar linkage, both of which offer high ground-level breakout force. The optimized version also allows for parallel lift capability. The cab is equipped with intuitive touchscreens, a hydraulic steering wheel, and a floor-to-ceiling windscreen for optimal visibility. Safety options include a 360-degree camera system and Cat Detect radar technology.

Both the 950 and 962 use the C7.1 engine and can handle buckets with capacities ranging from 3.5 to 13 cubic yards. The 950 has a maximum breakout force of 40,690 pounds-force and a full-turn static tipping load rating of 26,369 lbs, while the 962 has a maximum breakout force of 42,489 lbf and a full-turn static tipping load rating of 27,529 lbs.

Caterpillar offers industrial, waste, and forestry configurations for both models, each with specific features to suit various applications.

Take Away

The latest Cat 950 and 962 wheel loaders promise increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs. These machines incorporate various technologies and features, such as Autodig, Payload with Assist weighing system, and Product Link telematics, to help operators work more efficiently. The loaders are available in different configurations, with both conventional and optimized Z-bar linkage, and industrial, waste, and forestry options. With these advancements, Caterpillar continues to push the boundaries in the construction equipment industry.