Caterpillar’s Latest C13D Diesel Engine Launch

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  • 17 March 2023

Caterpillar has announced the launch of its C13D diesel engine platform at ConExpo 2023. The engine is designed to offer improved power density, torque, and fuel efficiency for a range of off-highway equipment including rock crushers, screeners, and grinders, trenchers, agricultural machinery, woodchippers, material-handling equipment, and large industrial pumps. The C13D engine platform will be available for early OEM pilots in 2025, with production expected to start in 2026.

The C13D engine is designed to enable OEMs to downsize the engine and simplify design, assembly, and supply chain requirements across multiple applications while maintaining comparable power and torque to Caterpillar’s current 13-, 15-, and single-turbo 18-liter engine platforms. This consolidation can also reduce maintenance, parts, and technical training complexity for end-users.

Caterpillar Raises the Bar with C13D Diesel Engine Platform

Caterpillar has developed a new diesel engine platform, the C13D, which offers higher power and torque ratings than previous Cat engines in its power class. The platform provides eight power ratings ranging from 456 to 690 horsepower and delivers up to 3,200 Newton meters of peak torque. Caterpillar claims that the C13D has a higher power-to-size ratio than anything else on the market, and offers the same or better performance than larger engine platforms from Caterpillar.

The C13D engine has been designed to be easily maintained, with integrated components and a reduction of over 45% in leak joints. It can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 40 degrees and offers lower fluid consumption and extended service intervals of up to 1,000 hours. The engine can also use renewable liquid fuels such as HVO and biodiesel.

The C13D meets emission standards for highly regulated markets such as European Stage V and US EPA Tier 4 Final, and can accommodate future emission standards without relocating customer connection points. Engine-mounted aftertreatment and cooling packs are available to reduce installation and validation costs.

The platform is equipped with Cat Digital Services, providing equipment owners with information to make decisions on the health of the equipment and minimize downtime. Overall, Caterpillar claims that the C13D engine is a powerful, efficient, and sustainable engine that can accommodate future fuel developments.