First Appearance of the TA 230 Litronic Articulated Dump Truck in North America

  • Editorial Team
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  • 27 March 2023

Have you heard of the recent release of the Liebherr TA 230 Litronic articulated dump truck in North America? It was announced last year, and finally showcased at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023 convention just this month. This all-terrain, off-highway model has been redeveloped by Liebherr to withstand the most challenging off-road hauling applications. With a horsepower of 355 (265 kilowatt), it is not only powerful but also suitable for larger infrastructure projects and specialty jobs like tunnel construction.

In order to increase the TA 230’s loading and unloading efficiency as well as the transport safety, Liebherr has made a number of upgrades to the vehicle. The dump bed has a straight front end and sides, allowing for easier loading across the bed’s entire width. Two loading lights at the back of the exterior cab give users a better sight of the load level even when in low light. An onboard scale system shows the existing payload on an in-cab display. There is also a long chute at the back of the dump bed that helps in reducing material loss, and the inner edges of the dump body have also been tapered to facilitate easier material unloading. Furthermore, customers who haul and dump large, bulky material can opt for a wide-opening tailgate.

The TA 230 also boasts excellent visibility, thanks to large panoramic windows, a short and inclined hood, and a rearview camera, all of which combine to give drivers an excellent view of the truck’s surroundings. Dipped-beam headlamps with built-in high beams are a part of Liebherr’s innovative lighting system for improved visibility and security. Rear body lights, a light package at the mudguards, and an optional LED access light offer greater security to get in and out of the cab at night. 

Powering this impressive machine is a Tier 4 Final-compliant six-cylinder, 12-liter engine, which Liebherr claims is capable of delivering optimal force distribution through the automatic eight-speed powershift transmission. Additionally, the truck has actively controlled longitudinal differential locks that provide automatic traction control. The TA 230 posses a maximum dump body capacity of 23.67 cubic yards and has the ability to haul up to 30.9 tonnes (28 metric tonnes) per load (18 cu meters). It can reach a top speed of 35.4 mph (57 km/h).

Liebherr’s TA 230 is a remarkable dump truck, with powerful capabilities and excellent features that cater to the needs of the modern off-road hauling industry.