Komatsu to Showcase its Electric and Sustainable Solutions at ConExpo

Komatsu is set to showcase their electric and sustainable solutions at the 2023 ConExpo construction show in Las Vegas. These include electric and hybrid excavators, an electric wheel loader concept, battery technologies, and power-charging advancements. Komatsu will also feature their newly rebranded Komatsu MVT-II 600 crusher, which uses tension instead of compression, resulting in up to 90% less energy usage.

Komatsu’s Commitment to Sustainability on Display at ConExpo 2023

As part of their efforts to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2050, Komatsu will showcase their 20-ton PC210LCE, PC30E mini, and PC01E micro electric excavators, which will be available in select markets this year. The PC210LCE uses lithium-ion battery technology from Proterra and provides 451 kilowatt-hours of battery capacity, allowing for up to eight hours of operation, with the potential for nine hours in tests. The PC30E is powered by a 35-kWh battery and is suitable for indoor and urban construction and landscaping work. The PC01E, jointly developed with Honda, uses portable and swappable mobile batteries and is ideal for confined spaces on landscaping, agriculture, and construction sites. The hybrid HB365LC-3 excavator has a hybrid system that can supply an additional 70 horsepower on demand, providing 15% more productivity in power mode. There is also the added benefit of the machine being 20% more fuel-efficient with 20% fewer CO2 emissions than Komatsu’s diesel-powered PC360LC-11.

Komatsu will also showcase a portable charging concept designed for off-grid job sites and locations where power is unavailable or unreliable. They will feature three types of charging infrastructure, including a Komatsu Generation 2 charger, a Proterra portable charging concept, and a compact, portable charging concept designed to work with mini excavators and other electric equipment on sites lacking a power supply.

Komatsu’s participation in the 2023 Con Expo construction show highlights their commitment to sustainability with the launch of equipment that is sure to reduce carbon emissions in the construction industry. By showcasing their electric and hybrid solutions and advanced charging infrastructure, they are contributing to a greener future for the construction industry.