New Cat Small Wheel Loaders 926, 930 & 938

Caterpillar has launched a new line of small wheel loaders with industry-specific options that enable them to work in forestry, agriculture, waste management, aggregate, and snow removal. These loaders come with a variety of new features and technology that will help in improving safety, make operation easier, and also help in reducing the overall cost of the machines throughout their entire lifecycles.

Safety a Top Priority

Caterpillar places a high priority on safety, and the new small wheel loaders provide new safety technologies, some standard and some optional. The corporation believes that safety is one of the hurdles in revenue development, regardless of the application. Making technology easy was one of the goals for this new generation of tiny wheel loaders, according to Joel Grimes, a Cat wheel loader global product and application expert.

Comfort and Safety Further Enhanced

The new mini wheel loaders from Cat push the boundaries of comfort and safety even further by incorporating technologies from automobiles. The cab has been adjusted naturally to have much less blockage and more glass from the ceiling to the floorboards, so operators can just view what they normally want to see. The design also makes the attachments’ visibility better, and a 360-degree camera system with a bird’s eye view is one of the choices.

Enhanced Operator Visibility

Operator visibility around the machine is enhanced by smaller cab pillars, larger windows, heated and electric rearview mirrors with lower parabolic lenses, and standard rearview cameras. Operators can set a focus point to serve as their main view on the display by using the touchscreen.

Operator Safety Features

Fleet managers are constantly working to ensure that operators follow safety regulations, including buckling up. Cat has included an operator-not-present capability that automatically sets the parking brake in circumstances where the operator exits the loader without doing so. Cat Detect, a rear object detection system with visual and auditory alarms, delivers additional alerts. The machine will instruct the operator to shift into neutral to prevent the error from happening again.

Joystick Control

Similar to Cat’s medium loaders, compact loaders will soon have access to a new force feedback joystick steering option. The adaptable in-cab display makes it simple to see operating parameters, and the loader can recall up to 50 distinct operational profiles that have been established through the display when an operator starts the machine. Simple in-cab pushbutton kick-out settings for upper, lower, and tilt help operators match the bucket position to the task at hand.


The new Cat 926, 930, and 938 small wheel loaders are equipped with various innovative features and technologies that enhance safety, ease of operation, and lower overall costs throughout their lifecycles. The loaders come with industry-specific options for various applications in agriculture, forestry, waste management, aggregate, and snow removal. Safety is the top priority for Caterpillar, and the new loaders provide new safety technologies, some standard and optional, including auto temperature control with defrost button, tire pressure monitoring system, and rear object detection system with visual and auditory alarms. The new loaders are designed to be easy to operate, with a focus on operator visibility around the machine, smaller cab pillars, larger windows, and an optional 360-degree camera system. The Cat Command remote operation consoles will also support small wheel loaders, and a force feedback joystick steering option will be available for even more personalization. The loaders also feature simple in-cab pushbutton kick-out settings for upper, lower, and tilt, as well as a novel bucket shaking feature that allows for accurate material dosing.

With industry-specific options, enhanced operator visibility, and safety features, these loaders are a versatile and valuable addition to any fleet.