Atlas Copco Unveils Industry’s First Battery-Powered Air Compressor

Atlas Copco, a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment, has introduced the groundbreaking B-Air 185-12 screw-type air compressor, which is entirely battery-powered. This innovative compressor represents a significant step towards sustainable operations and environmental responsibility in the industry. With its impressive capabilities and eco-friendly design, the B-Air 185-12 aims to provide practical solutions for customers while reducing their carbon footprint.

Battery-Powered Performance and Versatility

The B-Air 185-12 is a towable compressor that delivers free air at a rate of 190.7 to 130.7 cubic feet per minute (5.4 to 3.7 cubic meters per minute) and a working pressure ranging from 72.5 to 174 pounds per square inch (5 to 12 bar). Equipped with a 55 kilowatt-hours liquid-cooled battery, this compressor can efficiently power various pneumatic equipment, cable-blowing, and sandblasting jobs. Its quiet operation allows it to function in confined spaces, including densely populated urban areas.

Commitment to Sustainability

Atlas Copco’s Portable Air Division recognizes the need for a sustainable transformation to create a better future for society and the planet. Maarten Vermeiren, the marketing and product manager of sustainability and digitalization, emphasizes the company’s dedication to contributing to a sustainable future. By developing the B-Air 185-12, Atlas Copco aims to enable its customers and their clients to adopt environmentally friendly practices, effectively combating the effects of climate change.

High Reliability and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The B-Air 185-12 features a permanent-magnet electric motor and a variable speed drive (VSD), which automatically adjusts the motor speed to match the air requirements of the application. This intelligent design not only enhances energy efficiency by up to 70% but also significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. Compared to diesel-powered alternatives, the electric drive unit offers a more straightforward design, resulting in additional cost savings. Additionally, the B-Air 185-12 boasts a 2,000-hour service interval, four times longer than a compressor with an internal combustion engine.

Rigorous Testing and Endurance

Atlas Copco ensures the reliability of the B-Air 185-12 in demanding conditions through rigorous testing. The compressor undergoes testing in climatic chambers and rapid aging settings to verify its performance. It demonstrates effective operation at altitudes of up to 14,764 feet (4,500 meters) above sea level and in temperatures ranging from 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) to -13 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 degrees Celsius). This robust performance ensures that the compressor can withstand and perform optimally in a wide range of challenging environmental settings.

Atlas Copco’s unveiling of the B-Air 185-12 battery-powered air compressor marks a significant milestone in sustainable industrial operations. With its eco-friendly design, exceptional reliability, and lower total cost of ownership, the B-Air 185-12 provides a practical and environmentally responsible solution for various applications. Atlas Copco continues to drive innovation towards its ultimate goal of providing sustainable alternatives for every user and application, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.