Develon Launches New Heavy Excavator DX1000LC-7 for North America

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 1 May 2023

Develon, formerly Doosan’s construction equipment division, has launched its new -7 Series heavy excavator, the DX1000LC-7, designed for optimal performance, efficiency, uptime, and user comfort. The machine is aimed at infrastructure and heavy construction applications, including pits, quarries, and aggregate.

Maximum Swing Torque

The DX1000LC-7 excavator offers the maximum swing torque in its size class, making it an excellent choice for aggregate producers. The machine’s upper structure can be spun or turned to transport boulders and other materials, and it can excavate, build up, and load materials onto dump trucks on building sites.

Improved Reliability

Develon’s DX1000LC-7 is engineered with a crossed-design swing bearing for better stress distribution and front stress points that are reinforced for added longevity.

Multiple Work Modes and Power Options

Four work modes and four power options are available for the DX1000LC-7, and the D-Eco Power system controls hydraulic oil flow and engine rpm to increase efficiency and save fuel. The operator can choose whether to prioritize the swing or boom motions, depending on the task at hand.

Comfortable Interior

The DX1000LC-7 features an 8-inch touchscreen that is 30% bigger than the previous model, a push button starter, modern ergonomic foot pedals, and a heated seat for operator comfort. The joystick-mounted shortcut button allows users to operate frequently used tasks with a single button.

360-Degree Monitoring

The excavator offers a five-view option via an optional 360-degree all-around vision monitoring (AVM) camera system that monitors the area around the machine.

Optional Features

The Develon DX1000LC-7 has a 629-horsepower engine, an operating weight of 220,903 pounds, and a typical bucket capacity of 7 cubic yards. The construction machine has a maximum digging depth of 28.8 feet and a maximum digging reach of 45.9 feet when equipped with its standard arm arrangement. Optional features include a hydraulic detachable counterweight, an auto-lubrication system, cab guarding, additional work lamps, and a straight travel feature.

Fleet Management

Develon’s Fleet Management telematics system can be used to track efficiency, remotely diagnose problems, and monitor the machine’s status.


Develon’s DX1000LC-7 is a heavy excavator designed for optimal performance, efficiency, and comfort. Its advanced features and options, such as the swing torque, work modes, power options, and 360-degree monitoring, make it an excellent choice for infrastructure and heavy construction applications. Additionally, the telematics system provides a means for tracking the machine’s performance and status.