Hitachi’s New Compact And Mid-Size Excavators With Advanced Features

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 5 May 2023

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas has expanded its excavator lineup with the introduction of two new compact excavators, the ZX75US-7 and the ZX85USB-7, and a mid-size excavator, the ZX190LC-7. The new excavators come with advanced features and improved performance to meet the evolving needs of construction professionals.

Compact Excavators With Power/Economy Work Modes

The ZX75US-7 and the ZX85USB-7 come equipped with power/economy work modes that adjust the engine performance to the task at hand. The excavators are powered by Yanmar diesel engines that are turbocharged for maximum efficiency. The power mode increases engine speed when more horsepower is required, while the economy mode reduces engine speed during routine tasks, resulting in less fuel usage and lower noise levels.

Auto Idle System And Attachment Replacement Support System

The new compact excavators feature an auto idle system that reduces the engine speed to idle whenever all control levers have been in neutral for more than four seconds. This system helps save energy and operating costs while also reducing noise and exhaust emissions. The optional attachment replacement support system makes it easier for the operator to swap out work tools. The system allows the operator to identify and save up to 12 options for attachment flow that can be changed from the display.

Improved Stability And Durability

To improve stability, a second counterweight can be added to the excavators. The excavators are built to last and come with improved parts, such as tightened boom and arm pinhole tolerances that lessen side wobble. The V-shaped cylinder guard shields the boom cylinder from potential bucket drop debris, and a D-section frame skirt and thicker plates improve upward impact resistance to protect the upper structure from harm. The blade’s side plate thickness has also been strengthened to endure external shocks.

Easy Maintenance And Telematics System

The new excavators come with easy maintenance features, such as convenient access panels that allow for quick and easy routine checks, and a multi-function monitor that notifies the operator when to replenish the hydraulic oil and fuel filter. Hitachi’s telematics system, Con-Site, remotely monitors the operational condition and notifies owners and operators of impending maintenance needs. Con-Site OIL, a new optional function, keeps track of engine and hydraulic oil conditions to proactively identify problems before the machine’s fault codes are activated.

Comfortable Operator Cab

The new compact excavators come with a spacious cab that provides ample headroom and easy access. The Aerial Angle peripheral vision camera technology offers a 70-degree bird’s-eye view of the area around the machine, and the soft pad-style armrests can be easily adjusted for height and angle without the use of any tools. The air suspension seat provides all-day comfort, and the keypad with the jog control and switch positions have been moved to an accessible spot to reduce operator fatigue. An antiglare 8-inch (20.32-cm) LCD monitor allows for visibility even in bright conditions, and the Bluetooth radio is managed by the monitor. The operator can recharge their cell phone or portable audio gadget using a 5-volt USB power supply.

High-Performance Mid-Size Excavator

The new mid-size excavator, the ZX190LC-7, is designed to provide high-end performance and efficiency at a lower price point. The excavator fills a gap in Hitachi’s product line and comes with advanced features, such as improved boom and arm pinhole tolerances, a wider-opening rear engine cover with maintenance access, and remote swing-circle lubrication that makes routine maintenance easier. The excavator also comes with Hitachi’s ConSite telematics system that monitors the operational condition and notifies owners and operators of impending maintenance needs.

So, to conclude, Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas has added two new compact excavator models, the ZX75US-7 and ZX85USB-7, to its lineup. These models offer power/economy work modes, an auto idle system, and an attachment replacement support system, among other features. Additionally, the company has introduced a mid-size excavator, the ZX190LC-7, which provides high-end performance and efficiency at a lower price point. Hitachi’s excavators are built to last, with improvements to vital parts like the arm and boom, and a telematics system called ConSite helps to maximize uptime by remotely monitoring operational conditions and proactively identifying maintenance needs. The cab space has also been increased for operator comfort, with features such as soft pad-style armrests and an air suspension seat. All in all, these new models and features demonstrate Hitachi’s commitment to providing high-quality construction equipment for a variety of needs.