John Deere Unveils Advanced P-Tier Small Dozers

  • Editorial Team
  • Crawler Dozer
  • 3 May 2023

This year’s Con-Expo like the ones before was a great opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their latest equipment and introduce new machinery. John Deere also took this opportunity and launched its latest P-Tier small dozers that are designed to improve the construction process on job sites. The new equipment models also include 450, 550, and 650, which come with larger cabs, more advanced technology, and promise smoother operation that will, in turn, improve operator performance and safety.

Better Visibility

In order to enhance visibility, the P-Tier dozers come with a 14% greater glass surface area and a lowered and reprofiled hood, that helps by providing better forward sight and a clear view of the blade corners. Additionally, an operator-presence system uses a built-in sensor to determine that the seat is occupied before releasing the parking brake. The machines also feature an 8-inch touchscreen monitor that displays the rear-view camera and an optional LED light package.

Advanced Control and Management Systems

The P-Tier dozers are also able to accommodate different operator preferences by allowing adjustments for the hydraulic and gearbox response. The Sealed Switch Module (SSM) simplifies the machine’s operation by reducing the number of wires and mechanical switches and providing a keyless start. The SSM’s buttons are centralized, and so they can be used to activate functions such as automated turbocharger shutdown, auto idle, and eco mode.

The touchscreen monitor also displays the machine’s programmable settings and features the eco mode, which automatically reduces engine speed and power train parameters based on the load to save up to 20% more fuel than the regular operating mode without compromising performance. The power-management system allows operators to set a maximum needed ground speed, preserving maximal engine speed and power efficiency without shifting or stalling. The counter-rotation feature allows for immediate blade repositioning.

Technological Advancements for Accurate Grading

The P-Tier dozers are technologically advanced and also offer better, easier operations. John Deere’s entry-level grading solution, EZ Grade, comes preinstalled on base models with electro hydraulic (EH) controls, and laser receivers can be used to control elevation and slope.

Take Away

It is worth noting that the John Deere P-Tier small dozers offer improved operator comfort, safety, and efficiency with enhanced features such as a larger cab, improved visibility, advanced control and management systems, and technological advancements for accurate grading.