The Komatsu PC130LC-11 Excavator

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 26 June 2023

The PC130LC-11 from Komatsu is an upgraded version of their midsize PC130-11 excavator, featuring a longer undercarriage for improved stability and increased lifting capacity. With enhanced specifications and a focus on versatility, the PC130LC-11 offers a reliable and efficient solution for utility tasks and modest construction operations.

Greater Lifting Capacity

The PC130LC-11 boasts a 20% greater lifting capacity compared to its predecessor, the PC130-8, primarily due to an 8% increase in track length. The longer tracks contribute to improved stability, allowing the excavator to tackle heavier loads with ease. The LC variant features two carrier rollers on each side and 46 shoes on each side, further enhancing its lifting capabilities.


The PC130LC-11 shares similar specifications with the conventional PC130-11 model. Both versions are equipped with a 97.2-horsepower Komatsu engine that complies with Tier 4 Final emissions standards. This compliance is achieved through the use of a Komatsu diesel oxidation catalyst and positive regeneration technology. Additionally, both models feature auto-idle shutdown for increased fuel efficiency, resulting in a 12% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the PC130-8.

Structural Enhancements

To ensure durability and longevity, the PC130-11 incorporates steel castings in critical areas such as the boom foot, boom nose, and arm tip. This design helps distribute operating loads away from high-stress zones, improving the excavator’s overall performance and reliability. Anyone looking for an excavator for sale to add to their fleet should consider the PC130LC-11 at least once when making the decision.

Comfort and Convenience

The PC130LC-11 prioritizes operator comfort with its range of standard features. The excavator comes equipped with automatic climate control, a 7-inch high-resolution LCD screen, a rearview evaluate system, and a suspension seat. Additionally, it includes amenities such as an AM/FM radio with aux, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity, LED lighting, a floor mat, and a sporadic front windshield wiper with a washer. The presence of a big ceiling hatch, pull-up front window, and detachable lower windshield further enhances the convenience of the operator.

Optional Extras

For additional safety and convenience, the PC130LC-11 offers optional extras such as sun visors and the KomVision surround camera system. These features further improve visibility and situational awareness, providing an extra layer of safety during operation.

The Komatsu PC130LC-11 excavator is a versatile and reliable machine which has been designed to tackle utility tasks and modest construction operations. With its improved stability, enhanced lifting capacity, and a range of standard and optional features, the PC130LC-11 excavator serves as a flexible workhorse for companies seeking a dependable solution for their evolving needs.