Develon Expands its Line of Compact Excavators with DX42-7

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 14 July 2023

Develon which was known as Doosan Bobcat before continues to make waves in the compact excavator market with its latest addition, the DX42-7. This new model signifies Develon’s dedication to providing versatile and efficient machinery for a wide range of construction, landscaping, and utility applications. The machine has more capabilities and advanced features that the interested customers should look forward to. The DX42-7 aims to meet the demands of confined workspaces while also maximizing productivity on the job site.

Powerful Performance in a Compact Design

The DX42-7 is purposefully designed to navigate through tight and crowded areas commonly encountered in construction, site preparation, utility work, and landscaping projects. Weighing in at four tons and boasting a 47-horsepower Develon engine, this compact excavator delivers the power and reliability needed for demanding tasks. With a width of 5 feet 9 inches and a typical tail swing, it offers exceptional maneuverability without compromising performance.

Efficiency and Convenience Features

Develon has incorporated several innovative features into the DX42-7 to enhance productivity and operator convenience. Thumb mounts built into the arm eliminate the need for welding when attaching a thumb, while hydraulic hookups at the arm’s end simplify connections to a quick-coupler system. For increased functionality, buyers have the option of adding rotating hydraulic pipework when utilizing a tilt rotator.

One notable feature is the four-way angle blade situated at the front of the excavator. This blade can tilt and twist, providing operators with optimal blade alignment and minimizing the need for frequent machine repositioning. Backfilling tasks become more efficient and precise with this advanced capability.

Operator Comfort and Control Options

Develon understands the importance of operator comfort and control. The DX42-7 offers canopy and cab variants to cater to different preferences and job site requirements. Cab variants come with multiple vents for heating and cooling, ensuring operators stay comfortable throughout their workday. The addition of hands-free Bluetooth audio further enhances the operator’s experience.

The excavator supports both ISO and BHL control patterns, allowing operators to choose the setup that suits them best. Extra buttons on the joystick provide convenient control over auxiliary hydraulics and boom swing, eliminating the need for a foot pedal and streamlining operation.

Visibility and Tracking Capabilities

Visibility is something that is very important on the job site, and Develon has taken this into account. The DX42-7 features a framed, full-glass door to provide operators with an unobstructed view of their surroundings. LED lighting illuminates the workspace, ensuring clarity even in low-light conditions. Optional extras include a spinning beacon for improved visibility to nearby workers and a rearview camera for added safety during operation. Anyone looking to purchase excavators for sale should take this new model into consideration.

Develon’s Fleet Management system is a valuable standard feature on the DX42-7, providing updates on preventive maintenance, production data, and location information. Operators can conveniently access this information through a website or mobile app, enabling efficient fleet management and ensuring optimal machine performance.

Develon’s introduction of the DX42-7 compact excavator showcases its commitment to delivering powerful, efficient, and operator-friendly machinery and the customers should look forward to this machine being in the market.