John Deere Introduces Two New Next Generation Excavators

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 6 July 2023

John Deere, a leading manufacturer of construction equipment, is set to revolutionize the industry with its new generation of excavators. With the termination of the partnership between Hitachi and John Deere, the company is now taking full ownership of the design, creation, and manufacturing process. The latest additions to their lineup are the 85 P-Tier and 510 P-Tier models, which bring a lot of improvements in performance, technology, and cost-effectiveness.

The Transition to Performance and Technology Tiers

John Deere has made changes to its tiering system, replacing the letter denoting equipment generation with performance and technology tiers. The G, P, and X-Tiers now represent superior models, electric or hybrid diesel-electric technologies, and economy models, respectively.

The 85 P-Tier Excavator

The 85 P-Tier model is a compact and transportable excavator that outperforms its predecessor, the 85 G-Tier, particularly at high altitudes. With an 18% increase in engine horsepower, this machine offers more power and performance. It also features upgraded hydraulic systems, resulting in higher pump torque and dig forces. The 85 P-Tier is designed to be versatile and suitable for both lead and support roles on various job sites.

Notable Features and Improvements

The 85 P-Tier comes with several new exciting features and enhancements. It boasts a turbocharged engine for better performance at altitude. The hydraulic system has been upgraded with 5% more flow, enabling the use of attachments with higher flow requirements. Plus, the machine’s stability has been increased by 10%. The redesigned cab is 8% larger, offering a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace for operators. Creature comforts like a high-back seat, tool-free armrests, and a Bluetooth-enabled 8-inch monitor have been added too.

Intuitive Display and Improved Operator Experience

The 85 P-Tier model incorporates a state-of-the-art 270-degree camera system seamlessly integrated into the machine’s monitor. This eliminates the need for additional screens and provides operators with a clear view of their surroundings. The display also features an intuitive jog dial navigation system and attachment control. The sealed key switch path allows easy access to machine controls, enhancing operator convenience and efficiency.

Streamlined Service and Maintenance

John Deere prioritizes serviceability in their equipment design. The 85 P-Tier excavator includes ground-level service inspections, ensuring easy access to all service compartments. With larger and logically organized service compartments, maintenance tasks become more straightforward. The simplified maintenance process translates to increased uptime and productivity on the job site.

The 510 P-Tier Excavator

The 510 P-Tier model is a heavyweight excavator, weighing 51 metric tons. It serves as a replacement for the previous 470 P-Tier type and is specifically designed for deep underground and large excavation projects. The 510 P-Tier features a changeable undercarriage and is capable of carrying buckets that are 5 cubic yards and larger. This model offers significant cost savings, with 25% reduced maintenance expenses, 15% lower repair costs, and 20% lower fuel consumption, thanks to an efficient powertrain and E-fans.

It should be quite obvious that John Deere’s next generation of excavators, including the 85 P-Tier and 510 P-Tier models, bring remarkable advancements to the construction world in terms of performance, technology, and cost-effectiveness. If you need a next gen excavator for sale you should think about the new models introduced by them. As the company continues to innovate and upgrade its equipment, providing its customers with capable and efficient equipment that they are easily able to rely on.