Liebherr Mining Introduces the R 9300 Generation 8 Excavator

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 12 July 2023

Liebherr Mining has made its latest addition to the lineup available, the R 9300 Generation 8 excavator. This innovative machine incorporates cutting-edge technology and design upgrades to improve onsite execution, fuel efficiency, and overall productivity. With advanced features and better performance, the R 9300 is set to replace the R 9250 as the go-to excavator in the 250 metric ton class. Let’s delve a little more into the details of this remarkable new mining equipment by the company. 

Fuel Efficiency

Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE), an exclusive engine and hydraulics management technology, comes standard with the R 9300. This system reduces fuel consumption while maximizing productivity, resulting in a 15% decrease in fuel usage compared to its predecessor. Moreover, the R 9300 boasts a remarkable 25% improvement in fuel efficiency, further contributing to cost savings and sustainability efforts. To push the boundaries even further, Liebherr is developing an electric-drive version of the R 9300, promising even more fuel efficiency.

Design Upgrades for Productivity and Efficiency

The R 9300 introduces several design upgrades that significantly boost its performance and efficiency. The improved attachment design offers increased strength and lighter weight, surpassing the capabilities of the R 9250. Standard equipment features now include aluminum coverings, as well as a revised stick and boom design. These advancements enable both the backhoe and face shovel configurations to accommodate larger buckets, further optimizing productivity.

Expanded Bucket Capacity and Truck Compatibility

Equipped with a powerful wear package, the R 9300 boasts a typical bucket capacity of 16.5 cubic meters for the backhoe configuration and 16 cubic meters for the face shovel configuration. With a density of 1.8t/m3, this excavator is an ideal match for trucks weighing 100, 130, and 180 metric tons. The increased bucket capacity and improved design allow for efficient overburden elimination and transfer, facilitating smooth operations in mining sites.

Extended Lifespan and Reduced Maintenance Costs

Liebherr has engineered the R 9300 to have a lifespan of 60,000 operational hours, surpassing the 45,000-hour lifespan of the R 9250. This improvement aligns the expected service life of crucial machine components and contributes to long-term cost savings for mining operations. Furthermore, the excavator shares parts compatibility with other contemporary Liebherr excavators, streamlining maintenance processes and reducing inventory requirements.

Operator-Focused Design

The R 9300 prioritizes operator comfort and usability with its redesigned cab. The new cab design to this end offers improved ergonomics, larger touchscreens, and an innovative control panel layout, enabling operators to work efficiently and comfortably. Plus, the excavator provides excellent visibility, ensuring operators can perform tasks with more precision and safety.

Validation and Performance

During the validation phase, Liebherr Mining partnered with Karunia, an Indonesian mining contractor, to test the R 9300 in real-world conditions. The excavator exceeded expectations, surpassing Karunia’s key performance indicators (KPIs). In operational trials at the Tabang mine, the R 9300 achieved an impressive average of 486 operational hours per month and a remarkable 94% availability rate. Another manufacturing study revealed that the excavator achieved an average cycle time of 26 seconds, delivering a productivity rate of 1,371 bank cubic meters (BCM) per hour (equivalent to 3,017 metric tons per hour), while maintaining a fuel efficiency ratio of 9.22 BCM per liter of fuel consumed.