Simplifying Electrification for Multi-Branded Fleets

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 17 July 2023

In a significant move towards speeding up the electrification of construction machinery, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is set to introduce a brand-neutral protocol for electric charging solutions. The aim is to simplify the transition to electric power for clients with multi-branded fleets, streamlining the charging process and promoting greater efficiency.

Lack of Standards for 48V DC Charging Solutions

One of the key motivations behind Volvo CE’s initiative is the absence of an established standard for 48V DC charging solutions, which are required to recharge electric compact machinery. Recognizing this gap, the company is taking the lead by developing a uniform charging methodology that can be adopted by other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers. By doing so, Volvo CE aims to facilitate the creation of charging solutions for small equipment, ensuring compatibility and enhancing the overall charging infrastructure.

Volvo CE’s Uniform Charging Methodology for Small Equipment

The Volvo CE protocol includes specific plug requirements for 48-volt off-board DC chargers, commonly referred to as fast chargers. Now, by defining the charging interface and establishing standards, Volvo CE enables OEMs and suppliers to design their own charging solutions for small equipment, promoting interoperability across various brands. This standardized approach not only simplifies the charging process for customers but also fosters innovation and competition within the industry.

Encouraging Industry-Wide Adoption of the Charging Protocol

Volvo CE’s commitment to driving industry-wide change is demonstrated by its decision to make the charging interface open to the public. It is by sharing the protocol with other machine OEMs and charging solution providers that Volvo CE aims to encourage widespread adoption of the same charging methodology. The ultimate goal is to establish an industry standard that benefits all consumers, facilitating the transition to electric machinery while ensuring a standardized, reliable, and efficient electric ecosystem.

Volvo Construction Equipment is actively contributing to the advancement of the electrification movement in the construction industry by introducing a brand-neutral protocol for electric charging solutions. Through collaboration and the establishment of standards, the company now wishes to help in simplifying the adoption of electric power, further propelling the industry towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.