Wacker Neuson’s New Zero-Emission Compact Electric Excavator

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 21 July 2023

In 2024, Wacker Neuson is all set to introduce its first compact electric excavator with zero emissions to the North American market. The new electric excavator, called EZ17e, boasts the same capabilities as the traditional diesel model, the EZ17, but with the added benefits of zero emissions and requires less maintenance. This cutting-edge machine is designed for efficient operation in tight spaces and jobsites with emission and noise restrictions, providing strong digging and breaking force with its compact proportions and minimal-tail swing design.

The Transition to Zero-Emission Machines

Wacker Neuson is embracing electrification and the company plans to expand its range of electrified equipment. While the EZ17e has been in production worldwide for over three years, its introduction to North America marks a significant step in the company’s commitment to export its new and existing electric machines. Currently, the majority of Wacker Neuson’s electric machinery is available only in Europe, but with the growing demand for zero-emission machines, the company is looking to cater to the North American market as well.

Key Features of the EZ17e Electric Excavator

The EZ17e offers comparable performance to its diesel counterpart, the EZ17. It maintains the same dig depth, hydraulic breakout force, and auxiliary performance as stated in the spec sheets, ensuring that the customers who are familiar with the diesel model will experience no issues with the machine. The excavator comes equipped with a user-friendly control system, including a joystick, jog wheel, and keyboard, and a 7-inch display that provides all the necessary information, such as battery power levels and oil level settings for control circuits and quick coupler systems. Anyone who is in the market for an electric excavator for sale should think about the EZ17e at least once, it may be a good choice for your business.

Impressive Battery Performance

The EZ17e boasts a 23.4 kWh battery output and features a revolutionary maintenance-free battery system that significantly lowers servicing costs. Charging the excavator is also hassle-free, as it can be done in five to six hours using a standard single-phase 240-volt hookup, commonly available on most construction sites. Another thing is that the EZ17e’s auto idle feature ensures efficient battery usage by automatically turning off power during idle moments, extending the excavator’s runtime to a full day’s worth of work or more.

Versatility and Adaptability

With its silent operation and zero-emission design, the EZ17e is perfect for working in noise-sensitive areas and close to walls and barriers. The excavator offers two travel speed options for rapid mobility around jobsites. Customers can opt for LED lighting fixtures and a hydraulically telescoping gear with adjustable width options for enhanced flexibility and adaptability on various job settings.

Wacker Neuson’s EZ17e compact electric excavator represents a big advancement in construction machinery technology. It promises to easily provide users the same power and efficiency as traditional diesel models but with the added benefits of zero emissions and reduced maintenance needs. As technology advances and incentives from governments encourage the adoption of zero-emission equipment, the construction industry can expect to see a steady increase in the availability and affordability of electric machinery like the EZ17e.