Case CE Revives Backhoe Loaders with New Models

  • Editorial Team
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • 9 August 2023

Case Construction Equipment claims that backhoe loaders “are having a renaissance,” which is demonstrated by the company’s renewed commitment to the category and the release of five new models as part of the N Series, targeting a diverse range of markets such as landscaping, rental, agriculture, and utilities.

Reviving the “Construction King” Name

In an effort to offer a wider selection of backhoes for sale across various markets, Case Construction Equipment is reintroducing the iconic “Construction King” name. The move reflects the manufacturer’s dedication to revitalizing the backhoe loaders.

Expansion of the Product Range

The company has let the world know about two new models, the Utility Plus and the 580SV Construction King centre pivot, catering to the North American market. Also, three more models are set to be released later in 2023, including the side-shift 580SV Construction King and two different types of the 695SV Construction King.

Significance of the Backhoe Lineup

Brad Stemper, head of product for North America, emphasizes that the 2023 product portfolio is one of the most solid ones in the company’s 180-year history. The expansion of the backhoe product line provides a diverse and versatile range of solutions. This is now making it possible for a single asset to handle multiple tasks efficiently, which would be great for contractors.

Adapting to Market Needs

Due to current labour shortages, there is a growing trend towards increased backhoe usage. The Case backhoe’s versatility aligns well with this trend, offering a single machine capable of performing various tasks. This helps a lot in optimizing commercial operations.

Key Features of the New Models

Utility Plus

A new 74 horsepower machine that provides full sized backhoe performance with a focus on simplicity and ease of ownership. It offers unobstructed views, options for mechanical or pilot controls, and the potential for attachment performance.

580SV Construction King

Restores a tool carrier-style front end to the Case backhoe line up. It becomes a versatile solution when combined with various attachments and features a hydraulic fast coupler for easy use.

695SV Construction King

A larger, more powerful backhoe loader with a four wheel steering and extensive tire size options. It is designed for both loader and backhoe operations, making it suitable for municipalities and larger construction sites.

Future Prospects

The addition of these new models positions Case Construction Equipment as a leader in the backhoe loader market. The extensive dealer network across North America also improves the company’s ability to offer unparalleled expertise and support for their backhoe products.