LiuGong Introduces the 995F, A Powerhouse Excavator to US Market

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 15 August 2023

LiuGong, a very well known manufacturer of heavy machinery, has now released its largest excavator, the 995F, in the American market. The company promises that with impressive specifications and a range of innovative new features, this excavator is going to have quite a big impact on the construction and excavation industry.

Engine and Bucket

The 995F is equipped with a formidable 608-horsepower Perkins engine, ensuring exceptional performance in challenging environments. It boasts a heavy-duty 7.3-cubic-yard rock bucket, and is designed to handle tough materials effortlessly.

Digging Depth and Reach

The excavator achieves a maximum digging depth of 23 feet 7 inches, allowing for versatile excavation tasks. Its impressive reach extends up to 41 feet, providing flexibility in accessing distant areas.

More Structural Integrity

LiuGong has reinforced the boom and arm for added strength, making the excavator capable of handling demanding tasks with ease. Strengthened boom plates at the front and back further contribute to the machine’s durability.

Operating Modes

The 995F offers three distinct operating modes which are Economy, Standard, and Power, allowing operators to tailor performance to specific tasks.

Electro-Hydraulic Controls

The excavator features electro-hydraulic controls, providing precise and responsive maneuverability.

Auto Boost

Auto boost feature helps better the hydraulic power by nine percent when encountering challenging terrain, reducing stress during demanding operations. Activation can be done manually through a joystick or automatically, helping with efficiency in rock breaking and surface grading.

Auto Idle, Auto Shutdown, and Auto Boost

The machine incorporates auto idle and auto shutdown functionalities for optimal fuel conservation and operational convenience. Auto boost further contributes to efficient power management.

Cooling System

A new side-by-side cooling system with easily cleanable cores ensures effective temperature regulation. The variable-speed fan can reverse to expel debris, maintaining optimal cooling efficiency.

Access and Maintenance

LiuGong has provided wide opening engine covers, a surrounding catwalk, substantial steps with handrails, and anti-skid surfaces for easy and safe access. Centralized lubrication points also simplify maintenance procedures a lot.

FOPS Pressurized Cab

The excavator features a comfortable and ergonomic FOPS pressurized cab. Heated air-suspension seat, A/C vents, Bluetooth media system, cupholder, phone charger, and cooler help in improving operator comfort and productivity.

Better Visibility and Controls

The operator benefits from excellent peripheral vision and ergonomically designed controls, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

Digging Force and Cycle Times

LiuGong has successfully improved the 995F’s digging force and cycle times, improving the overall productivity.

Fuel Efficiency and Maintenance Schedule

The excavator offers increased fuel efficiency, contributing to cost-effective operations. The hydraulic fluid filter replacement requirement every 1,000 hours, with a generous 5,000-hour service life, minimizes downtime.

It is safe to say that the LiuGong 995F excavator introduces a new level of power, efficiency, and operator comfort to the American market. Anyone in the market for an excavator for sale should check this model out before making a decision about the purchase.