Weiler’s New Commercial Tracked Asphalt Pavers

  • Editorial Team
  • Asphalt Pavers
  • 17 August 2023

Weiler is a prominent manufacturer in the construction industry that has made two innovative commercial tracked asphalt pavers known to the public for the year 2023. The P385C and P285 models showcase certain advancements in power, design, and features. With these new machines the company is hoping to achieve high levels of productivity on the construction site.

Power and Performance Redefined

With the introduction of the P385C, Weiler raises the bar for asphalt paving power and efficiency. Key features of the paver include the following.

Cat C3.6 Engine

The P385C has got a brand new Cat C3.6 engine, delivering an impressive 120 horsepower. This marks a substantial 20 horsepower increase compared to its predecessor, the P385B, making the paver’s overall performance even better.

Better Conveyor Drive System

Weiler has incorporated an improved version of the conveyor drive system, ensuring smoother and more consistent material flow during the paving process.

Variable Speed and Reversible Conveyors and Augers

The P385C features variable speed and reversible conveyors and augers, allowing for greater flexibility and precision while laying asphalt.

Dependable Heating System

Weiler has further improved the heating system of the P385C, ensuring reliable and consistent asphalt temperature for optimal paving results.

Lightweight and Efficient

The P285, a sibling to the P385C, offers similar capabilities in a more compact package. Notable characteristics are listed below.

Lightweight Design

Weighing in at 18,000 pounds, the P285 boasts a lighter frame, making it highly maneuverable and efficient for various paving tasks.

Consistent Components

The P285 shares many components with its counterpart, the P385C, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

Front Mounted Screed

Equipped with a 2,800 pound screed, the P285 provides hydraulic extension ranging from 7 feet 8 inches to 15 feet, offering versatility in paving width.

Innovative Undercarriage Designs

Both the P385C and P285 models showcase innovative undercarriage designs, contributing to their exceptional performance.

P385C Undercarriage

With a track length of 90 inches, the P385C boasts the longest track in its class. The undercarriage offers 68 inches of ground contact and a 140-millimeter track chain pitch, ensuring stability, a comfortable ride, and optimal buoyancy. The automated track tensioning feature further improves operational efficiency.

P285 Undercarriage

The P285 features a track length of 84 inches, enabling it to pave at a speed of 180 feet per minute, while maintaining stability and precision.

Maintenance and Accessibility

Weiler places a strong emphasis on ease of maintenance and accessibility for both pavers.

Longer Bearing Life

Both models are equipped with conveyor and auger bearings designed for extended service life, contributing to reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

User-Friendly Features

Remote grease lines located on the front of the counterweight simplify maintenance tasks, this way the overall operational convenience improves.

Engine Access and Cleaning

Five engine access doors provide easy entry for maintenance purposes, while a spray-down system with three coil-hoses on each corner facilitates efficient cleaning.

Intelligent Design and Steering

Both the P385C and P285 incorporate intelligent design elements to make operator experience and maneuverability better.

Operating Positions

The pavers offer three separate operating positions, ensuring improved visibility and comfort for the operator.

Intelligent Steering System

An adjustable magnetic resistance feature enhances the intelligent steering system, contributing to precise and responsive control during paving operations.

Weiler and Caterpillar Partnership

Weiler’s asphalt pavers, including the P385C and P285 models, are offered for sale and maintenance through Caterpillar’s network of dealers, ensuring widespread availability and exceptional service. Cat heavy equipment is already the most trusted brand in the industry so this partnership only solidifies any potential customers trust in the equipment.