Dirt World Summit 2023

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  • 25 September 2023

A New Event for the Construction Industry

The first ever Ariat Dirt World Summit 2023 is set to take place from October 25 to October 27 in Houston, Texas, offering a unique opportunity for contractors to meet up and address some issues concerning workforce development, retention, and recruitment. This new event promises to bring together industry leaders with a shared vision.

How to Prepare for the Summit

The summit’s opening session will feature combat veterans and former Navy SEALs, Jocko Willink and Jamie Cochran, imparting invaluable insights on effective leadership and influencing others. Willink will set the tone for the day, drawing parallels between battle leadership and the real-life applications.

Participants will engage in role playing exercises, applying the Laws of Combat, Mindsets for Victory, and Extreme Ownership principles, followed by a debrief and interactive session with the Echelon Front team. Cochran will cap off the morning session by tackling the challenges of extreme ownership.

The afternoon session, “Know Your Mission,” explores leadership strategies and tactics, with Willink delving into indirect strategies, united strategic objectives, and the concept of the silent leader. A comprehensive Q&A session with all Echelon Front instructors, Willink’s closing remarks, and a call to action will round off the day.

Day 2 Workshops

Day 2 of the summit boasts a lineup of educational workshops encompassing a range of topics, including leadership, talent retention strategies, creative workforce solutions, training, and onboarding.

The Organizers

The Ariat Dirt World Summit is organized by BuildWitt, with Ariat as the title sponsor. BuildWitt CEO Aaron Witt expresses his deep-rooted support for the Ariat brand, which he has worn throughout his career. Ariat’s dedication to creating durable workwear aligns quite well with BuildWitt’s mission to make the Dirt World better.

BuildWitt President Dan Briscoe emphasizes the importance of giving back and making a lasting impact on the planet, community, and people. He reminds us of the importance of proper work boots and attire as a necessary aspect of a worker’s identity and highlights the partnership with Ariat. This collaboration ensures the community has access to high-quality work boots and workwear.

Susan Alcala, Vice President of Partnership Marketing at Ariat, also expressed excitement about collaborating with BuildWitt to improve the Dirt World. The partnership is going to honor construction industry workers, nurture the next generation of skilled workers, and provide practical solutions to the challenges faced by Dirt World employees.

With this collaboration both of these businesses intend to combine brand recognition and unite their audiences to address the unique challenges of the construction industry and contribute to the betterment of the workforce.

Aaron Witt was enthusiastic about partnering with a brand he already loves and uses. On his statements he was emphasizing the shared passion for the Summit and the Dirt World that Ariat brings to the table. The partnership, no doubt,  promises to inspire and elevate the industry toward a brighter future.