John Deere Introduces the Powerful 4075R Compact Utility Tractor

  • Editorial Team
  • Agriculture Tractors
  • 20 September 2023

John Deere has made their latest addition to the compact utility tractor lineup, the John Deere 4075R public. This powerful tractor offers exceptional performance for a number of applications, including landscape work and snow removal. Plus, John Deere has modernized its 4R-, 4M-, and 3R-Series tractors for an even better operator experience and heavy duty work applications.

Power and Capability of the John Deere 4075R

The John Deere 4075R is equipped with a powerful 75 horsepower engine and a heavy-duty front axle. This makes it a good, versatile choice for tasks like landscape work and commercial snow removal.

Tractor Technology

In order to make performance and operator experience better across its tractor series, John Deere has implemented modernizations. These updates are going to be helping customers in completing tasks efficiently and comfortably, even in challenging conditions.

Tier 4 Final Yanmar Diesel Engine

The 4075R features a Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engine, ensuring powerful performance suitable for demanding tasks such as property management and snow removal.

Electrohydraulic Rear Hitch Control

The 4075R and the entire 4R cab machine lineup for model year 2024 now come with an electrohydraulic (EH) rear hitch control. This feature allows operators to set precise depth levels for rear implement operations, enhancing control and repeatability.

eHydro Controls

John Deere has consolidated eHydro convenience controls into a single module for 4-Series models, streamlining operation and making it more intuitive.

Advanced Control Features

The tractor series introduces advanced control features, including eThrottle, LoadMatch, SpeedMatch, MotionMatch, and Autonomous Cruise Control, offering operators greater control and customization options.

Illumination Upgrades

All 3R- and 4R-Series tractors from the 2024 model year, along with heavy-duty 4M models, receive illumination upgrades. These include LED headlamps, LED work lights, and the option for an LED beacon light for cab models. Such features are great for visibility during work.

Comfort and Connectivity

For improved operator comfort, 3R- and 4R-series cab versions receive upgrades such as an enhanced temperature control system, Bluetooth radio, and dual USB connections.

Snow Application Packages

John Deere offers specialized packages for 4R cab models designed for snow applications. Such packages help to ensure optimal performance and operation in harsh winter conditions.