Construction Technology Releases in Fall 2023

  • Editorial Team
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  • 16 October 2023

The construction industry continues to embrace technology with the introduction of advanced automated and AI driven software systems in fall 2023. These new innovations are designed to improve the construction processes, efficiency, and provide valuable solutions to contractors.

Leica Geosystems’ BLK2FLY Drone for Interior Scanning

Leica Geosystems introduces the BLK2FLY, an unmanned aerial vehicle that takes scanning to the next level by enabling interior scans of small structures. This drone utilizes Leica optics, LiDAR-based autonomous navigation, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology to create precise 3D digital scans. Recent changes in SLAM algorithms have improved obstacle detection and avoidance, making it suitable for scanning challenging or hazardous facilities like power plants and tunnels. The BLK2FLY can provide comprehensive digital scans connecting to Hexagon’s cloud-based 3D modeling platform, and users can control, scan, upload, and modify data via a single tablet control panel.

Bluon’s MasterMechanic – AI-Powered HVAC Diagnostic Tool

Bluon presents MasterMechanic, an HVAC technician diagnostic tool powered by generative artificial intelligence. In its beta phase and accessible to the public, MasterMechanic acts as a knowledgeable companion for HVAC professionals. Users can ask questions about HVAC systems, installation issues, and more, receiving straightforward answers. The AI system offers solutions to setup queries, diagnostic challenges, step-by-step repair instructions, and maintenance recommendations. When necessary, it connects technicians with specialists. The tool is backed by data from over 50,000 problem cases, contributed by experienced HVAC mechanics, ensuring solutions for various scenarios.

Togal.AI and Beck Technology’s Integration for Estimation

Togal.AI, a takeoff software startup, collaborates with Beck Technology, a preconstruction data provider, to integrate machine learning into its Destini Estimator product. This enhancement streamlines the process by combining construction estimates and 2D takeoff plans into one step. This integrated approach can significantly reduce takeoff and estimate times, possibly up to 90%. The system generates accurate plans and material lists following AIA measuring standards. This allows contractors to focus on higher-value tasks such as contingency calculations, data analysis, and work bids. The application also offers historical bid and risk-assessment data alongside AI-generated takeoffs.

National Utility Contractors Association’s NUCA-WINS App

The National Utility Contractors Association introduces an upgraded NUCA-WINS worksite reporting app, providing better functionality. Site supervisors can efficiently record various incidents such as injuries, illnesses, damages, conduct issues, or near misses using the app. The new version, NUCA-WINS 3.0, offers advanced features, including audio statements, sketching capabilities, video or image attachments, input tracking, customizable data collection and analysis dashboard, and comprehensive report compilation. The app supports both iOS and Android devices and ensures streamlined data storage and report creation. This is essential for reducing legal concerns associated with delayed incident reporting, as NUCA-WINS records all the information required for forms like FROI and OSHA reports.

Topcon Positioning Systems’ Aptix for Project Management

Topcon Positioning Systems introduced Aptix, a project management integration platform designed for huge civil construction projects. Aptix integrates third-party applications with Topcon management platforms, automating data collection, archiving, and display. It empowers construction teams to monitor data related to building models, heavy equipment locations, project timelines, and the workforce’s data and locations. The platform even tracks emissions to help calculate carbon footprints, aiding sustainability goals. Aptix helps a lot with project budget and schedule management by automatically updating change order-related schedules and tasks, ensuring seamless communication between stakeholders.