How to Encourage Subcontractors to Complete Prequalification Forms

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 20 October 2023

The key to encouraging collaboration and subcontractors’ active participation in the prequalification process is developing and maintaining strong connections with them. The commitment to teamwork is demonstrated through open communication, quick problem solving, and continued support. You can try a few different things to make sure that you build a good relationship with subcontractors.¬†

Making Use of Automation

Use technology to improve and automate the prequalification process. For both general contractors and subcontractors, implementing a digital platform can help eliminate manual effort, save time, and streamline the procedure.

Pre-qualification Forms Improvement

Complicated and lengthy forms might discourage subcontractors from filling them out. Concentrate on gathering important information while removing repetitive or unnecessary fields. Forms that are easy to use and well designed encourage subcontractor participation.

Successful Onboarding

Establish clear instructions, deadlines, and expectations to make sure subcontractors go through the onboarding process smoothly. Throughout the prequalification process, provide direction and support while answering any queries or worries.

Benefits for Subcontractors 

Subcontractors also benefit from pre-qualification by gaining an advantage over general contractors and ensuring they are working alongside competent professionals, which lowers project risks. You should highlight this for them so they are more encouraged to fill out the forms.