Inspire Youth with Careers in Construction Month (CICM)

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 5 October 2023

You should be prepared to celebrate and inspire the next generation of builders during the 11th annual Careers in Construction Month (CICM) in October. This month-long celebration of the construction industry, created by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and Build Your Future (BYF), is set to highlight construction careers and motivate all the upcoming professionals.

Why CICM is Needed

CICM is very important for the role they play in promoting careers in construction.

Increase in Awareness

CICM brings attention to the huge labor shortage in the U.S. construction industry, creating awareness of the need for skilled professionals in various roles, from engineers to electricians. The construction industry offers immense potential, and CICM showcases the diverse and rewarding career opportunities available within it.

Skill Diversity

Modern construction is technologically advanced, incorporating innovations such as drones, 3D modeling, and sustainable materials. CICM introduces younger generations to these new skills, making them aware of the industry’s technological evolution.

Changing Attitudes

Many people perceive construction work as solely manual labor. CICM challenges this misconception by actually emphasizing the wide range of roles, both on and off the field, including architecture, project management, sustainability, and technology integration.

How to Tell Your Story?

Participation is key for the success of CICM. Schools, colleges, construction companies, and individuals can contribute in a lot of ways.

Engage Early

Collaborate with educational institutions to offer workshops, field trips, and internships. Providing hands-on experiences to students demystifying the construction sector and sparking their interest.

Organize Workshops

Try and introduce students to the latest construction technologies, such as drones, 3D modeling, and sustainable building materials, showcasing the industry’s innovation.

Site Visits

There is also the option to provide young professionals with the opportunity to visit construction sites to observe and learn about site management and the construction process.

Encourage Mentorships

Experienced professionals can mentor aspiring talent, offering valuable insights and guidance to help shape their career trajectories.

Highlight the various career paths within construction, emphasizing roles beyond physical labor or used heavy equipment operation. This could be architecture, project management, sustainability, and even technology integration.

Embrace Technology

Showcase the construction industry’s adoption of technology, from 3D modeling to drone surveys, appealing to a generation that grew up with the internet and is interested in tech-savvy careers.

Promote Growth & Learning

Emphasize the opportunities for lifelong learning, including on the job training, certifications, and advanced degrees. Construction is not just a job but a profession with room for quick advancement.

Global Opportunities

Share stories of construction experts who have worked on renowned projects worldwide. This can demonstrate the international demand for construction-related talents.

Careers in Construction Month is not just a holiday but an invitation to the youth to choose a fulfilling career in the industry. As October progresses, share your experiences to contribute to building a better future, one young professional at a time.

Resources to Get Started 

To participate in CICM, you can start with a social media guide with customizable visuals to create effective messages for personal and professional audiences. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CICM when posting throughout the entire month to maximize your impact.