Top 5 Construction Apps for More Productivity, and Communication

  • Editorial Team
  • Construction Technology
  • 17 October 2023

Mobile apps have transformed into necessary tools for contractors as a result of the technological transition that has been taking place in the construction sector. Whether you are a seasoned pro in construction or a novice, integrating applications can help you organize your tasks, improve communication, and increase efficiency. 


Workyard offers precise time tracking with an advanced GPS system. This software generates accurate timesheets, which are a must have for contractors. It enables you to analyze past project costs, enhance future bids, bill clients more accurately, and provides real-time labor cost insights. Contractors like Bill Kapaldo, president of Construction Punch Service, have found Workyard invaluable for improving profitability and improving team accountability.


Raken simplifies daily reporting by facilitating real-time communication between office and field teams through its user-friendly interface. Features like timecards, production tracking, and safety monitoring ensure that project teams stay aligned. Fortis Construction, which faced communication challenges between office and field personnel, turned to Raken to bridge the gap, leading to a lot more efficiency as stated by Tara Messa, Director of Operations Technology & Integrations.


Procore takes a great approach to construction management, offering tools for project management, finances, and real-time collaboration among stakeholders. Contractors can manage daily reports, RFIs, punch lists, construction equipment, and blueprints from a single platform. Companies like Juneau, which underwent massive growth, turned to Procore to streamline their processes and meet expanding business needs, emphasizing the value of simplification in construction operations.


Fieldwire is a task management platform that simplifies job assignment, prioritization, and progress tracking. Teams can link tasks directly to project plans using the integrated blueprint viewer, eliminating the need to transport physical blueprints. Over a million projects have benefited from Fieldwire, as it streamlines communication and task administration. James E. Harris Construction Co., INC. experienced smoother operations after adopting Fieldwire, replacing a cumbersome paper-based system.


BuilderTREND acts as a bridge between clients and contractors, offering a customer portal alongside project management and scheduling features. Clients can monitor progress, authorize changes, and communicate directly with the project team through this portal, promoting visibility and collaboration. Builders like Colour Houses have found that involving all project stakeholders prevents misunderstandings and rework, keeping everyone informed.