AI To Knock-off Construction Workers – Staggering Reality Check!

  • Editorial Team
  • Construction Technology
  • 22 December 2023

The current industrial age revolves around digitization. Companies are drastically bereaved shifting towards the integration of technical advances.

According to a recent survey by the Association for Project Management – a chartered organization for professionals, a total of 70% of professionals believe that AI will evolve the construction sector.

Determination Of AI’s Impact – The Most Observed Alterations

As per the APM survey, the following are the reasons why professionals think AI is influencing the industry positively;

– strengthening decisive thinking

– improving cybersecurity loopholes

– real-time data generation easing precise and timely monitoring

– easing the jobs of heavy equipment suppliers in terms of time allocation for executing safe and quick freight services

However, a ratio of 8% of professionals in the construction industry are not in favor of AI due to its probability of producing adverse effects. By the same token, 22% of them do think the influence of AI is neither negative nor very positive.

The Current Inclusion Rate Of AI in Construction Industries

As per the APM’s survey, a total of 83% of respondents find AI noticeably evolving their personal and team-level transformation.

Construction workers believe AI has helped them learn advanced mechanisms and upgraded their skills to effectively mend in a tech-friendly environment.

A pie chart to show how the industries are utilizing AI as per APM’s 2023 survey

The Role Of Business Leaders To Promote AI

Professionals in the construction sector believe the integration of AI requires extensive training to bring out the best outcomes.

Similarly, they believe the right integration of AI becomes more effective when the seniors, business leaders, and project coordinators conduct AI training seminars to educate the teams.

However, to make the most out of AI, business leaders must put their best foot forward. They first need to learn the beneficial utilization of advanced AI tools.

Conclusion: Did AI Get a Clean Chit?

In a nutshell, it’s safer to say that the response from the construction industry professionals indicates a clean chit to AI.

Professionals do not consider AI as a threat or inappropriate technology. Rather they believe it has greater potential to increase efficacy while regulating safe and smart on-site processes.

However, commencing the fusion of strategic planning and conduction of AI training sessions is a task for business leaders to use AI to its fullest extent.