Komatsu To Take Over American Battery Solutions

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  • 14 December 2023

Komatsu is all set to take possession of American Battery Solutions which is located in Detroit, Michigan. On 1st December 2023, the company finalized all legalities, affirming the completion of all procedures.

However, we anticipate minimal impact on Komatsu’s combined business results.

Overview of American Battery Solutions (ABS)

The company is renowned for both its customized and standard battery mechanisms to cater to the needs of diverse clients.

ABS manufactures a versatile category of industry and heavy-duty battery packs based upon lithium-ion batteries mainly for commercial vehicles including on and off-road automobiles.

The company is sound with product knowledge and its customers’ requirements to understand the technical advancement and develop complimentary battery packs.

Wholesome market and product knowledge are the secret behind ABS’s superior performance and improvised shelf life. 

The Plan Ahead

By acquiring ABS, Komatsu will be able to produce its battery pack suitable for mining and heavy construction equipment.

Moreover, Komatsu will serve the region of North and South America with its first battery launch mainly for the mining equipment sector to meet the high demand for electrification.

Nonetheless, the tech heads behind Komatsu are aiming to facilitate the heavy construction equipment sector shortly while strengthening as a global supply line of action.

To boost the electrification mechanisms, Komatsu will serve as a helping hand for the ABS battery system post-acquisition.

The main aim of this acquisition is to hold power over electric battery-powered vehicles by integrating the intelligence of ABS technology.

Parallely, accompanied by other partners, Komatsu is emphasizing the generation of electrification and taking steps toward creating a decarbonized society.

It will help Komatsu to meet its set target of 50% CO2’s emissions from its products by the end of 2030.

Furthermore, the company is also willing to achieve 50% carbon neutrality by 2050 and this acquisition will serve as the first brick.

ABS To Still Operate Independently

American Battery Solutions will not lose its independence after the acquisition and stand tall as a separate entity as the leading battery provider in the construction and mining industry.

It will continue to facilitate its customer campaigns spread over the commercial automobile market.

However, Komatsu will broaden clients for ABS to shine out in both off-highway and on-highway segments.

Komatsu Towards Better Tomorrow

The growth strategy for its coming years is around the slogan “DANTOTSU Value – Together, to ‘The Next’ for zero-waste growth.”

Furthermore, product engineers at Komatus are working their fingers to bine to achieve their set target of achieving carbon neutrality, blessing customers with value-embedded products in the shape of developing advanced equipment.

Komatsu is all geared up to set up a new line of equipment to become the most desired workplace in the future with the mission of developing an eco-friendly environment for the upcoming generations to cherish.