5 Cool Technologies For Crawler Excavators In 2024

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 5 January 2024

The present age of industrialization is all about evolving around mind-boggling technologies. From electro hydraulic to smart devices, we have seen an array of innovations transforming onsite operations to attain job efficiency.

We have now complete electronic excavators equipped with smart algorithms. The global crawler excavator market is predicted to see a hike in demand due to increased demolishing, grading, and excavating projects. Paralley, the U.S. government is funding road construction projects which is serving as the cherry on top in uplifting the demand for crawler excavators for sale.

Continue reading and find out what are the latest technologies that will raise the crawler excavator market’s temperature; 

Greater Precision With Grade Assist

Grade control systems enable excavators to perform digging with precision without digging too deep with GPS, satellite, and laser technologies. Currently, manufacturers are developing excavators with grade-assist mode for quicker and more accurate grading cycles.

Expect the following features from an upgraded excavator; 

  • Easy operations with programmable joysticks
  • A swinging sensor
  • Equipment sensors on different machine component

The touch screen module of the equipment assists in the clear picturization of the grading system. You have different modes like the visual and audio displays to monitor the operations, carefully.  It gives the operator greater machine control with increased precision to cover different slopes and perform safe grading operations in a lesser duration.

It also assists 2D and 3D forms of grading systems. The 2D module helps in working on

plain terrains. Whereas the 3D module caters to complex construction projects like curved trenches.

Additionally, excavators for sale are equipped with laser receivers that come with adjustable grading options, and operators do not have to adjust the depth at every point. It displays the data on screen and operators can dig respectively considering the same parameters.

Conclusively, the construction industry can see game-changing effects in terms of efficacy and productivity without investing much in skilled labor due to navigational ease.

Fine Swing Operations

Excavators face hurdles in lifting heavy-weight objects as a consequence equipment shaking occurs. The integration of a fine swing option in crawler excavators for sale gives operators immense control over the machine. It helps in the accurate movement of heavy loads with complete safety.

Now operators don’t worry about the object falling as the fine swing increases the mobility and haking capacity of the excavator.

Fine swing is a manual attachment that gives more authority to the machine user to conduct smooth swing operations and apply brakes to avoid material loss accordingly.

Virtual Wall

The feature of virtual walls helps the contractors to work efficiently in confined spaces. Through virtual wall allows the operator to set limits to control the swinging movement of the machine.

Operators can control the arm, floor limits, and set ceiling to align all the operations together. Now working in confined places has become easier!

Onboard Weighing Mechanism

The onboarding weighing system helps the operators to easily load material on the truck without giving wild guesses about the load weight. Through the touch screen model, an operator can easily measure and handle the carried load.

Operators can also receive notifications regarding the danger or uneven terrain for them to manage their operations effectively.

Lift-Assist Mode

The main function of excavators is to lift heavy objects like cranes and other heavy materials on the construction site. The lift assist mode helps operators in removing the guesswork and lifting the objects. It weighs and displays the weight of the load present in the bucket and sends an alert to the operator in case the total load capacity gets exceeded.

The sensors are highly accurate. The accuracy helps in reducing the concerns related to tipping load in case the material is very heavy. In that way, operators are aware of the load limits and can schedule the liftings accordingly.

The Final Words

The global crawler excavator market is expected to reach $63 billion from $44 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 4.7%. The rise in excavator’s demand is pushing all the renowned manufacturers like Caterpillar, Bobcat, Deere, JLG, and many others to come up with the environment and technology-pleasing crawler excavator models.

More electronic advancements will be seen in the year 2024 to match the requirements of smart construction projects. In a nutshell, all the developments have one aim of easing operators’ jobs at a faster, safer, and smarter pace.

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