Automation Craze To Boom Wheel Loader Market

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  • 4 January 2024

The construction industries are reaching higher heights. Having said that the demand for heavy construction equipment is also increasing. That brings us to the revelation of the increased consumption of wheel loaders.

Currently, it is predicted that the global wheel loader market will hit $19 million by 2028 with a compound annual growth rate of 3.1%. But what is making the wheel loader market bloom?

Is Automation The Reason Behind The Wheel Loader’s Increased Usage?

Automation is nearly all over the market with a vast rate of integration in different sectors even the conventional ones. However, heavy equipment used in the construction industry challenges automation by making its integration near to impossible.

Big construction equipment manufacturers like John Deere, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Sany, and several others are introducing advanced technologies to upgrade wheel loader performance.

Automation is best for chores that are monotonous and of a repeated nature. And in construction operations several operations are repeatable.

Auto dig is gaining popularity as quarry work is monotonous and automation can make it quicker, safer, and better. Similarly, four more automation trends are optimizing the global wheel loader market are as follows;

Automated Loading

The concept of automated loading relies on a remote-controlled loading system. The purpose of this automation is to make loading operations accessible through office premises rather than being near the operational wheel loader. An example of this trend is visible in Caterpillar’s wheel loader model.

Engine Speed

Engine automation is all about keeping heavy equipment on standby when it’s not in use. According to market professionals of Caterpillar, if the operator is not doing any important operation then the equipment’s engine will hibernate state.

Torque Control

Heavy equipment’s tires and fuel cost a hefty amount in the pockets of contractors. Therefore, limiting the torque that is sent onto the tires helps preserve the quality as well as minimize extra fuel consumption.

Worker Profiles

The function of worker profiles is to help wheel loader operators set load preferences according to them. Let’s say, an operator with German as his native language can log into the equipment and set the language precedence to German through the worker profile. This will help him to better understand the wheel loader’s functions for better performance.

What Are The Benefits Of A Wheel Loader’s Automation?

There are countless benefits of integrating whee loafer with automation. From increased project efficiency to better equipment performance to a safer workplace.

Additionally, we have the following advantages observed after conventional wheel loaders experienced automation;

Ease For New Operators

The process of handling a wheel loader is overwhelming for novice operators. Automation helps in adjusting the torque limit as it suggests the tire limit to help the operator. This way the operation can save tires from potential damage.

Increased Safety

The automation regarding machine speed limit advances safety levels on the construction site especially when it comes to using used heavy construction equipment. Let’s say you see a used wheel loader for sale but you are unaware of its speed limits. With automation, you can set its limit in a way that increases the equipment’s shelf life.

As per the product specialist at Caterpillar, the machine has become smart enough to pick the right gear ratio while lowering the engine RPM to gain speed efficiency.

So investing in a used wheel loader for sale is a wise option. Through automation, you can increase the equipment’s efficacy despite buying it at reasonable rates.

Time Saver

Volvo has introduced a connected load out that saves precious operating hours. It helps in digitally evaluating the requested load rates and preparing this as per the equipment’s capacity.

It helps in saving the operational duration as well as running the heavy equipment excessively. Paralley, the saved time helps workers to multitask.

Remote Operations

The construction industry is shifting towards mechanisms that induce workplace safety.

The advancement in the wheel loader mechanisms helps in eliminating several fleets onsite during the operation.

Why Are Contractors Liking Automation?

After quoting all the above advantages of automation in improving the performance of heavy construction, only a noob will ignore it. Since construction work is full of repeated tasks, implementing automation makes mundane operations quicker, safer, and more productive.

Moreover, the shortage of labor is still a battle for the construction companies to fight. With automated wheel loaders, the complicated tasks become easier and so is the operator training process.

Ultimately, automation broadens employment opportunities in the construction sector and serves as a great resource for contractors to hire fresh labor. The upcoming era of automation is one for contractors to cherish.

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