Biden’s Administration Plans To Push 40,000+ Construction Projects

  • Editorial Team
  • Construction Career Outlook
  • 16 January 2024

2024 opens as a lucky year for the U.S. construction industry. Biden along with his government is supporting 40,000+ construction projects which are making rounds around the entire region. Post-election 2024, Biden is confident in boosting the big progress and wants the nation to witness it.

Biden has been seen emphasizing the bipartisan pleads that require a $1 trillion investment accompanied by the support of government officials and present U.S. mayors. In support, officials say to carry out this big investment, a total of 6,100 federal executives.

With the successful election, the current government aims to redefine the existential infrastructure projects.

4,500 + communities are all set to commence these giant construction projects throughout the state.

The set 4,500 communities are further on the mission of catering to the following; 

  • Improving 135,800 miles of roads
  • Denting 7,800 bridges
  • Provision of 3,000 zero-emission heavy moving machinery and vehicles
  • 450+ waterway and port construction projects
  • 190+ airport terminals to renovate

Moreover, steps to launch high-speed discounted internet across different states to expand the construction industry digitally are also in the pipeline.

During a recent interview, White House infrastructure representative Mitch Landrieu showed high hopes and infrastructure plans the current government has to execute in the next 4 to 7 years. He further emphasized how the mayours and officials are joining hands to help in finding the long queue of heavy-duty projects.

What’s Massive Transformation Ahead?

According to Landrieu, the U.S. infrastructure sector is about to experience one of the most prominent construction evolutions in history.

He began with the Great Lakes’s cleanup to the refurbishment of Pennsylvania’s Montgomery Locks and Dam along with the upgrade of Terminal E at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

Landrieu further explained how the projects saved for a better tomorrow spurring $615 billion, especially in the private construction industry. It is also positively affecting clean energy initiatives nationwide. He further affirms that the work planned will turn the odds in Biden’s favor of him not handling the U.S. economy well.

Is The Manifestation Toward Betterment Real?

Nonetheless, the road towards success, refurbishment, and evolution requires time, effort, and real-time manifestation, as concluded by Mitch Landrieu.

To scale up the infrastructure evolution program, the former mayor of New Orleans paid visits to 130+ communities around the nation. This states that Biden and his companions are all geared up to evolve the heavy-duty industries of the U.S.

Furthermore, they had taken 400 + combined trips to gather more funds and bring more sponsors on board.