Drivewyze Announces FREE Heavy Equipment Safety Services

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  • 26 January 2024

Drivewyze is a renowned safety service prouder for heavy-duty equipment that caters the the North American region and areas nearby. It retains equipment connecting networks around the region with 125+ telematic service suppliers. 

This service provider aims to reduce off-road and on-road heavy equipment incidents by facilitating them with real-time roadside conditions.

According to the CEO of Drivewyze Brian Heath, “the advance alerts forecasting the nearby traffic conditions help drivers to plan the route accordingly which reduces the chance of uncertain road incidents.”

As per statistical data received by Drivewyze’s team, a total of 70% of drivers who got a safety alert slowed down. The drivers were seen slowing down with an average of 11 mph to 2 mph which is a significant impact for minimizing incidents.

Drivewyze Free And The Perks It Aims To Offer

As we step into 2024, Drivewyze aims to partner with enforcement and state transportation agencies. The company wants to deliver slowdown pop-ups in compliance with participating jurisdictions.

The core message notifications include; 

  • Heads-up alerts covering high-rollover risk paths 
  • Low bridges 
  • Hilly area alerts (runway ramps, check stations, steep grade paths)
  • Rest area update (parking availability) 
  • Emergency broadcasts 
  • Virtual safety indicators 
  • Slowdown alerts 

What makes Drivewyze’s FREE safety service offer for heavy equipment the best are additional notifications covering traffic updates.

Furthermore, the participating Departments Of Transportation (DOTs) include; Texas, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, And Arkansas. Additionally, the Pennsylvania Turnpike will also participate as the Wyoming Highway Patrol and Colorado State Police

Knowing The Lineup Of Drivewyze CEO Brain Heath

CEO, Brain states; ‘in collaboration with transportation and telematics partners, we are sufficient enough to provide drivers with safety services at no cost.’ through this offer the company wants to attract a greater rato of fleet owners and improve highway safety for all.

Drivewyze wants to make an impact that leaves all the wavy equipment fleet owners with a smart safety technology that makes an affirmative difference in society.

Nowadays, we have seen an increased number of roadside incidents that are generally due to truck crashes, Heath stated.

Studies show that traffic and road conditions updates delivered to driers have resulted in incident minimization which is a positive outcome of connected equipment technology.

He further backed the offer at the launch. Safety alerts sow an impactful difference in creating highway safety and overall driver behavior.

What’s Coming Ahead?

As a heavy equipment owner, we know that you have invested a lot of fortune in sustaining your inventory.

Conversely, intangible assets like labor including drivers require extra care from the owners. All fleet owners or contractors must invest extra to make sure all their drivers on the road are equipped with protective gadgets.

In the same light, Drivewyze has reply identified how the integration of technology can induce driver safety. It has launched a free safety service for heavy equipment drivers.

This service will facilitate drivers with real-time road conditions so that they can prepare themselves and drive accordingly.

According to an NHTSA study, we found that around 30% of collisions occur due to the initial crash, and proceed to 46% of secondary crashes that too within an hour.

Through Drivewyze slowdown alert service, the company aims to contribute actively to minimizing road side heavy equipment collisions in the future ahead.