How MY-Equipment Eases The Process Of Buying Used Heavy Machinery?

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  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 8 January 2024

When it comes to upgrading the fleet, the decision becomes even tougher if you are price, brand, and quality conscious.

Keeping in mind all the needfuls, MY-Equipment has designed an inventory full of high-quality used heavy construction equipment.

We carefully pick all the equipment in our stock to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

MY-Equipment: A Brief Overview

MY-Equipment is located in the heart of Houston, Texas, and possesses a solid tenure in the construction equipment industry as a heavy equipment supplier.

The successful decades bagged by MY-Equipment are due to the untiring dedication we embed in our inventory.

The thorough industrial knowledge, global heavy equipment market insights, and years of experience make MY-Equipment stand tall as one of the most trusted used heavy equipment suppliers.

What Should You Expect From MY-Equipment?

MY-Equipment takes pride in serving clients with an unshakeable pool of services along with diverse used heavy equipment inventory.

We try our best to ease the process of buying used heavy equipment because to us your every penny matters.

Especially when investing a hefty fortune in buying heavy machinery, MY-Equipment deeply values your money and the emotions attached to it.

So when you give us a call keep in mind that you are going to experience the following services at their best;

Dismantling/Equipment Transportation

Our location doesn’t restrict our end goals and so we want for your business. 

We maintain a full breakdown structure of the equipment, ensuring that we rearrange dismantled parts the right way at a faster pace.

Our clients vary from the construction sector to the agriculture industry, they trust us with the transportation of heavy machinery from one end to another due to the safety, speed, and preciseness we offer in our equipment dismantling services.


An inspection service that prevails prolonged equipment lifespan. 

We facilitate clients with equipment inspection services and aim to meet all standard safety compliances for an increased productivity rate.

We are just a call away to come and assess your heavy machinery and provide you with a detailed inspection report that can ease the process of machinery selling or upgrading for you.

Moreover, our engineers will guide you with necessary upgrades or repairs to increase the lifespan of your machinery.


Trust MY-Equipment for safe, reliable, and quick heavy machinery shipment. 

The team at MY-Equipment has quality tools and trailers to safely transport heavy machinery from one location to another.

Buying huge machinery and getting quick delivery at your desired locations is just at your fingertips now with MY-Equipment.

What Does Inventory At MY-Equipment Look Like?

We believe in facilitating our clients with high-quality and well-maintained used construction equipment.

As a heavy equipment supplier, we strive to upgrade our inventory with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) renowned for producing fine, sustainable, and advanced equipment and attachments.

The top brands you will find in our inventory are; 

Striving to be the one-stop heavy equipment supplier, we fill our inventory with all the most-loved construction equipment.

Our inventory of used heavy equipment includes; 

**Note: you can also find heavy equipment attachments or parts in MY-Equipment’s diverse inventory! 

Why Should You Buy From MY-Equipment?

For years, MY-Equipment has stood strong in the heavy construction industry, actively supplying top-quality used equipment at great value.

Customers love and revert to MY-Equipment for equipment and parts purchases because of the fair and transparent selling process.

All the used construction machinery present in our inventory undergo refurbishment and full evaluation with legal documentation. We believe in giving you a smooth and head-ache-free equipment buying experience to cherish for years.

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